Mitsuoka unveils fully restyled Himiko convertible


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Yes please... what a lovely car

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I am in love with the Orochi... , remember seeing it one day on a street and couldnt rest till I found who made it.

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I think the previous model was nicer.

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Sorry, but Mitsuoka does not ring my bell, to put it very politely.

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Looks like a futuristic hot-rod from one of those 1930s Sci-fi comics or cinema serials.

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I haven't owned a car for 38 years but that would be one on my list if I did, flying along next to the sea, wife's silk headscarf flapping in the wind, twinkle in the corner of her eye, radio playing that Shirley Bassey song, "hey big spender!"

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The grill is too small, ‘cramped’ give me a Morgan Roadster over that any day.

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Mitsuoka's are purely for those who put image above performance. They are basically redressed economy cars.

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Mitsuoka is more of a coach builder than a car manufacturer. A coach builder is a company that builds bodywork onto a working car produced by someone else. Lots of luxury cars would be built this way with custom bodywork in the 1920s and 1930s. Duesenbergs etc.

If they are using an MX5, there must be a bigger-engined one than a 1.5. Mitsuoka's bodywork will be heavier than the original, so I think you'd want as much engine as you could get.

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It would fun as an extra car. Maybe hook it up to my Volvo?

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That front end is somewhat reminiscent of an XK Jag so is quite attractive but this car really needs the 2 litre engine, for me at least. Someone mentioned the grille being too small but I don't think so, it seems in proportion to me.

If I had to choose between this and the Morgan Plus 4 then I would choose this as the handling and reliability would be better but, comparing it to the Plus 8 then the choice would be different. Given the lead time for the Morgan and its price I think that the Mitsuoka is a good buy all round, particularly if one of the Mazda tuners were let loose on the engine. The MX5 is a highly successful car, the world's best selling roadster, so the car is built on a great platform.

My last sports car was an MG RV8 with a tuned 5 litre engine which I sold a few years ago and quite often wish I hadn't so I might take a closer look at this new Mitsuoka as the MX5 is looking a little dated now. My wife however may be less keen as anything like this for her is, in her words, just another Chitty Chitty Bang Bang lookalike.

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Beautiful it.

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I think the smily face in the headlight is an over-the-top kawaii feature.

The only time I have driven an MX5 I thought it was a fun car and handled well. It was fun to drive with the roof down but not particularly fast or powerful. I hope more weight and length does not translate into less fun.

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Why they don't put Toyota 3 ltr in-line 6 twin turbo engine instead of 1.5ltr engine?

What can you do with 1.5ltr engine?

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Heavier than the MX-5, with just 131 bhp, it's not going to be first away from the the lights; but it looks ideal for leisurely weekend drives along the highway and wider country roads, pipe and slippers motoring with a bit of style.

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I love this. There is a white Mitsuoka that I have seen a few times in the last couple of years in my area... don't know model or anything but it certainly caught my eye. Be a great car for a new Chitty Chitty Bang Bang movie!!

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What chassis is it on? Mitsuoka does not manufacture cars. The last one I saw was a Ford.

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@Chop Chop

Why they don't put Toyota 3 ltr in-line 6 twin turbo engine instead of 1.5ltr engine?

Toyota doesn't produce an Inline 6 engine anymore.

The next Supra is in fact a BMW Z4 hard top produced in Austria at a BMW contractor factory. Toyota has lost the ability to produce hot cars anymore, hence Subaru FT86, BMW Supra, etc.

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I would far rather have a Morgan, the MX5 is a nice car but not spectacular as a sports car (full disclosure: I have an MX5), the MG F that I had before was a much racier fun car to drive though alas no where near as reliable! To then load it down with a heavier body will leave it wallowing and gutless; such an eye catching exterior needs a more powerful engine.

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It would be nice to drive around America but it is too difficult to import to the USA.

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Not my cup of tea, but I love that they are still around, adding their quirkiness to a pretty bland car market. There is a Himiko in my neighborhood driven by a dapper old gentleman who keeps it immaculate. It always makes me smile....I wish I loved my car as much as he loved his.

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It looks like a new body around the Zero 1 chassis:

That said, it's nice to see a concept car company in Japan doing well... (presumably).

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