Mizuho online business banking services suffer another glitch


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This starts to get embarrassing for the “regulators” at some point, surely.

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Problem still using Windows98, knowing Japan.

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Glitch after glitch.

If you have a common sense you would quit using this company long time ago.

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David Brent

No, Windoze 98 is still used by many banks and other institutions outside of Japan. It's in imbedded systems all over the place. Ain't brok, don't fix it. Or are you implying the OLs at Mizuho use it at their desks?

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in yet another system failure to hit the major Japanese bank.

Time to start charging Mizuho with penalty fees like for late or misdirected payments, debits charges.

It would only be fair.

And make them punitive enough so that the the cost of just letting the problems continue is not less than the fines.

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David Brent.....

Problem still using Windows98, knowing Japan.

I know you are joking but actually the reality is far, far worse!

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expected to announce next Monday a set of measures to prevent a recurrence.

They did that after the fifth or sixth ‘occurrence’ last year; surely either the bank regulators (LDP cronies ) or the bank board should ‘encourage’ change asap; also, the businesses that attempted to use this bank and were told to hike on over to an ATM or over the counter, should hike on over to deposit their Mizuho money in another bank.

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This is what happens when your Tech Leaders are 60+ year-old fax-machine experts. They are only good at teeth sucking and saying 'muzukashii naa'.

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some bowing and all will be forgiven.

next crash in 3, 2, 1,

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Time for heads to roll.

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Time for heads to roll.

They did that already no?

I am thinking there is a bigger problem than just who the clowns at the top are.

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Because of the Government coming down on Mizuho, Mizuho is becoming very discriminative towards foreigners.

I have been using Mizuho Bank along with many other accounts for many years. Tokyo Mitsubishi has been the longest, 35 years with them.

Anyways, in November, because of Mizuho problems with their ATMs and the Government, they sent me a letter asking me questions that included my country, my visa type, foreigner’s registration card number, etc. I replied but not happily. They then sent me another letter requiring a copy of the front and back of my foreigner’s registration card by today or my account would be closed.

I called them to ask if they are sending these demands to Japanese Citizens as well. She told me that they will eventually be sending to everybody but right now a little at a time. I asked what a Japanese citizen needs to send and she said a government picture ID and 1 more ID. I asked her why I have asked so many of my Japanese friends and none of them have received this. She told me again because they are sending out little by little. I pushed, “but absolutely none of my Japanese friends, why?” She couldn’t explain. I then told her fine, I would send a copy of my Japanese Drivers License and Insurance. She told me that foreigner must send their foreign card.

She explained that the government is getting strict on them and I told her that was not the fault of foreigners banking with them. That was their own fault for bad IT and why are they bringing foreigners into it.

She couldn’t answer except to tell me that we must send it or have our bank account closed.

This is one of many things that this country discriminates upon. For the near future, I will bet that you do not see these demands send to the Japanese customers of Mizuho.

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they sent me a letter asking me questions that included my country, my visa type,

Thing is, we hand all that in when we open the account!

Get this - they told me to present myself in my home brand in person so they could verify my identity. I told them that would not be happening ‘coz of the ‘rona and the fact that I was now living 800 km away (unlike elsewhere, in Japan you cannot move your account), so they would be getting copies in the post.

Incidentally, this is not just a Mizuho thing. One of my other banks also demanded that I justify myself for - reasons - so it is pretty clear the government is prodding the foreign community.

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At this point who cares. As long no money is stolen from my account, i could care less about their glitches.

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Are they not embarrassed by these persistent failures? Their online banking system clearly needs a huge overhaul - perhaps hire some people who actually are keeping up the times and know what they are doing, IT wise. I'm honestly surprised they've managed to keep their customers; if I were their customer, I would have hightailed it out there with my hard earned cash after the 1st "glitch".

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Anyways, in November, because of Mizuho problems with their ATMs and the Government, they sent me a letter asking me questions that included my country, my visa type, foreigner’s registration card number, etc.

Mizuho account owner here.

I haven't received any letter like the one you received last November (2021) (i.e. mentioning their ATM problems in their request for information), so I cannot state on that, but I (and a foreigner friend) both received the same type of request from Mizuho as you did but back in (I believe) begin 2021 and before they started to started to have regular IT-issues.

The request we both received was clearly about AML (Anti-Money Laundering) and completely unrelated to their IT-issues. On a side-note, I think I did receive a similar request from Resona for my account with them also, but back in 2020(!) for exactly the same reason (AML). Other (foreign) friends having Sumitomo accounts have mentioned similar requests as well.

As such, if indeed Mizuho mentions ATMs, I can not see how their IT-problems would be relevant to this type of request, unless...they crashed and lost some of your (their customers') data (i.e. the data when you opened an account with them) which would be a pretty catastrophic issue and have far-reaching legal and regulation-related consequences/implications...

Japan is limping behind on international standards when it comes to fight money-laundering. They got reviewed by the Financial Action Task Force (FATF) back in 2019 with the report only coming out late 2021(!). COVID may be to blame in part for the delay, but I would think that Japan's lackluster results in the previous 2-3 reviews put the review team in a clinch as to "how blunt can we be when saying that the third economy in the world is not getting their act together and represents an international money-laundering risk?".

I recall back in 2018 (one year before the actual review) that the J-gov- suddenly "woke up" and asked Japanese financial institutions to get their act together...LMAO as the legal framework (which is up to the government) was lagging...

Anyway, this is more an issue of Japan being behind the times. Concerning the foreigner-first angle, as a foreigner myself, I would say that we are more inclined to have dealings with abroad and accounts overseas, hence are more of a "risk" than Average Taro / Naoko but, yes, brushing 127 Mio Japanese under the rug or putting them in the "backburner" while pushing instead 3 Mio foreign residents in Japan or only putting them under the microscope is not a strategy and just show a complete lack of understanding of the AML-problematic as a whole...

Long story short: expect not-so-stellar results at the next Japan AML-review...(sigh)

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Oh yeah! Apologies, I forgot the best part!

Back end 2019, I was contacted by my bank in my home country (Europe) where I had a legacy account with peanuts on it and which I didn't touch in more than 10 years. They literally ordered me to transfer my balance out of their bank asap.

I had a long discussion with their customer support and, in essence, they didn't want to deal with me as a "resident of Japan". Hence, they considered my residency...a "risk" to them...

As said, Japan is badly behind the time as far as the regulatory environment goes and this is not limited to the finance industry...

As for other commentators with legacy accounts abroad and accounts in Japan, expect similar situations in the very near future...Again, less your own fault than Japan's limping behind international standards...

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Mizuho was the merger of three major banks in Japan. I've heard from IT professionals that from the get-go systems integration was a non-starter. If you remember, Mizuho had a glitch on their opening day. Axing the top is not going to change anything.

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10 years back, Mizuho happily accepted my mortgage demand, under the condition I do apply to the PR visa, which I did. Many other banks except Tokyo Mitsubishi refused. All had the PR visa as a criteria.


Never been asked any ID or whatever identity confirmation by Mizuho.

But banks might have to confirm the identity name since the my number card must be provided under the regulations. If the name written in Katakana is different from the my number card name, and also the order different. this can create issues.

Also, I suppose that for non pr, they might check at times to make sure the person is still in Japan.

As for me, the three banks I have used have all registered my name in different ways and it has created troubles in the past for wire transfer

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I used Sumitomo Mitsui for a long time and never had any problems with my gaijinness or system problems.

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Maybe their software company do not like them.

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I'm glad I use my Canadian bank.

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How does this bank chain still exist?

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But banks might have to confirm the identity name since the my number card must be provided under the regulations.

Confirm the identity: yes, but providing MN as a number (i.e. the green notification card) or as a MN card (i.e. the full-fledged card with photo) remains at this stage the exception and only concerns very specific cases, such as for example:

.holding a securities account

.transfers in/out of Japan

.dabbling in crypto-currencies

In case one only holds a savings account for salary payments, mortgage, loans or one's business in Japan providing MN is not required by law at this stage (but one can provide it on a voluntary basis though pretty much nobody does that).

One can see these ご協力をお願いします(Gokyoryoku o onegaishimasu / We appreciate your support) MN-signs in every bank, but again, this is for the mandatory exceptions such as above, or on a voluntary basis and not as a requirement across the board for all bank dealings.

(Also, as 60% of the population never even had a MN card to begin with(!), I would therefore think that what a lot of users produce are the MN notification card (i.e. the "green" card with MN on it) for the number and an ID with a photo (e.g. a driving license, passport, etc) for the personal / face identification) which they can legally do.

The government obviously wants MN to be linked to bank-accounts but due to a complete lack of trust by the general public (and I can guess some serious lobbying by the banking associations against such a measure with banks only ultimately providing lip-service to the whole charade) it has not yet been made mandatory for all bank dealings across the board. (The government did already target several deadlines to made MN mandatory for all bank dealings but each time backed out and only the above exceptions require MN.)

Currently IDs in use are zairyu-card for foreigners, and for Japanese nationals: driving licenses/passports or official documents (with photo!) issued by the authorities or a mix: green notification card + an official document with photo.

Having no driving license and in order to open a bank account, I could not say if as a foreigner and I could have gone by without the zairyu card (anybody knows?). As all my business and dealings are vanilla-stuff I have never ever had to provide a bank with a MN in number only or card format.

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