More Asian millionaires than European ones


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If you compare the number of Mercedes Benz on the streets of Asia compared to EU or NA, it is painfully obvious that there are a lot of rich Asians who have a lot of money. Of course the population concentration is much higher over here as well, so that alone would mean there are more rich people here than there.

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Something interesting in the report that wasn't mentioned in this article:

31% of millionaires in Japan are female vs 18% in Western Europe.

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Yoko, if ur gonna make such a comment, u best give details cause i hardly think there is even 1%. It might b true if those women ur talking about outlived their husbands and inherited the wealth but i even doubt that.

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naruhodo, I think you're reasoning is basically right. 80% of HNWIs in Japan are over 55 where the demographics favour women so many of them are probably widows or divorcees of rich men. North America actually has the largest fraction at 37%.

You can check out the full report for yourself (although it requires a quick and free registration)

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More millionaires in Asia,why???

The costs of workers in EU and US,is higher,leading to influx of multinational companies into Asia.

The flow of wealth between EU,Asia and US will balance out in future,as richer asia buys more goodies from EU/US.

Global economy is in a change phase,highly inflated values of goodies/property and very high cost workers, is slowing down the big flow of wealth everywhere,especially in EU/US.

Asia and China is buying a lot of EU and US via many ways. EU and US also has plenty of wealth in shared business in Asia.

Is no big deal if millionaires are Asian,European or American,because their business is worldwide and in EU,US and Asia.

More high quality demand in Asia,will lead to increase of EU-US goodies imports into Asia.

Situation of millionaires and rich consumers,will level out and become more equalised between Asia, EU and US in the future.

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