More firms selling prime real estate to get cash

By Junko Fujita

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Funny, when large companies begin to sell off their buildings and other assets, you wouldn't think analysts would look at this in a positive light. Who is going to buy the buildings now? Foreigners? Or are they going to try and rent them out piecemeal? Which will make it more difficult to do.

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At least Japan has assets to sell, unlike Western governments.

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What will happen with the buildings? Will they sit empty for years with the windows broken and looking like an eyesore? When General Motors closed down some plants in my city they worked with the local government and tore the buildings down. There's lots of open real estate along the river now.

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At least Japan has assets to sell, unlike Western governments.

Duh...Jeff, did you not read the article, or just not comprehend it? These are Japanese COMPANIES selling assets because they are cash-strapped. Has nothing at all to do with the government.

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For Office rents to move higher its simple.... Supply vs Demand. Tell me.... where are the companies that are doing well and need more office space? How many buildings with office space have you seen torn down lately? We're seeing, and not for the first time, Japanese companies selling Flagship Properties. Has something somehow changed in Japan all of a sudden. Has the Yen gone to 120.... is Corporate Japan again competitive and innovative.... sorry but no. And it is only when these things happen that Office Rents rightfully move higher. You've seen a 20% increase on the back of Abenomics.... which is in itself just putting off the inevitable collapse that WILL come. When the Economic crash hit the USA in 2008.... Real Estat in many parts of the country dropped by 50%. Japan has still not fully repriced its Real Estate from the Bubble collapse over 20 years ago. Wake up and Smell the Roses! There will be no meaningful Real Estate rebound in Tokyo until it has fully hit bottom and that has not happened yet.

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If major companies cannot afford to hold on to their own property, and are selling at the bottom of the market, how is this "stoking a resurgent property market?" Yeah, the real estate firms will have more square meters of prime space to rent out at market-bottom prices and get more commission -- but it's competitive purchasing that will bring back the property market. And I pity any company dumb enough to be buying at this point in Abenomic history.

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The world's in a depression. Prepare for stagflation and government collapse.

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