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More Japanese workers turning to job resignation services


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I realize that some superiors can be terribly overbearing and outright unpleasant, but facing the fear of confrontation and calmly implementing a thoughtful resignation plan in person may also result in significant internal growth and fortitude. 

All the best to those who unfortunately find themselves in an unbearable work environment.

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I wonder how you prove yourself, I mean you could pay 20-50K and get "quit" someone else?

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I still don't get why people can't resign in person. Aren't they given a week or two to hand things off anyways?

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I believe that this issue is related to so-called “black companies” that are already violating the law and manipulating their employees.

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I understand using an agency to resign , but the reason being “unable to face going back to go to work after gw” is odd.

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People in their 20s and 30s account for 60 percent of Momuri users,

I see, that generation...

"Dear boss, I won't be coming to work on Monday or any day after as I have quit.

Thank you for the opportunity but sadly it was not what I expected."

How hard is that?

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The services, which have grown in popularity in recent years, enable workers to quickly leave companies without doing so in-person for reasons that can include harassment or an adverse working environment.

Private industry stepping in to address a problem created by private industry.

Where is the government that collects taxes and is supposed to regulate things like workplace abuse and wage thievery?

It is delinquent or in collusion with the same business interests to exploit labor.

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For some bosses, I would use the service too. Resignation exit interview is horrible, full of guilt, shame, and outright threat of punishment. IMHO some bosses are just graduate of university of narcissism, better off dealing with them via a professional.

14 ( +20 / -6 )

The fact that Japanese people are SO scared of their managers that they need to hire third party services to guide them through the resignation process is proof of how broken their system is.

These companies losing crucial talent is NOT enough of a repurcussion. Some of these people in charge actually need to be in prison and/or doing hard labor.

-13 ( +11 / -24 )

How gutless would you have to be to not even have the spine to quit a job yourself.

-9 ( +14 / -23 )

Mismatches in values between younger workers and companies with old-fashioned cultures are also said to have contributed to the trend.

Just a small issue, but my daughter came home upset yesterday because her assistant manager at a child's clothing store didn't like her pink hair. She was told that her previous blonde hair (also dyed) was acceptable because it matched her skin tone. But pink would make some customers uncomfortable. My daughter said that she always had a good relationship with customers and would continue to do so. So in the end, she was told she was being selfish and if someone complained during the next month, she would have to change her hair.

It's hard to advise in a situation like this. In the end, it may come down to keeping a job or moving on. And that's life. She's done some hair modeling in the past year, so I told her to let them see some of her modeling pictures. Perhaps, that might help.

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Today  07:27 am JST

People in their 20s and 30s account for 60 percent of Momuri users,

“ I see, that generation... “

Do you have a problem with “that” generation?

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Never worked for anyone in Japan, but if you have to !!? make sure not sign any contracts without consulting with a legal advisor or a lawyer, it may cost you about 15,000jpy but it's money well spent.

Start your own business and enjoy your Freedom, and never work for anyone.

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The problems with Japanese work culture are a problem that will only get worse over time if not dealt with quickly. They have been putting it off for too long. The government is also very much too blame for basically doing nothing to enforce their own laws.

In the past, Japan was rich and one of the leaders of the world economy, so people put up with the unpaid extra hours, the harassment, the inability to take time off...

However, then the bubble burst in the early nineties, which created the lost decade and the hikkikomori generation. A whole generation of people, to no fault of their own, became unable to get jobs even if they worked hard and did well in school. The recession basically continued for three decades, and now the yen has lost its purchasing power, rendering Japanese people poor and desperate.

The time has come for them to start unionizing, organizing, striking, and protesting. It's time for them to demand accountability from their leaders in business and politics. Stop allowing the media to distract and hypnotize them by dangling the "unruly foreigner" trope in front of them.

If they don't do something about it soon, the pressure cooker is only going to heat up more and more until it eventually explodes. Witnessing the rise of the netto uyoku and the anti-foreigner movement has made me realize how easy it is to radicalize Japanese people and even other foreigners. If economic conditions are not addressed swiftly and decisively, this country will only further devolve into chaos and perhaps even full blown revolution.

What's better for the Japanese? Falsely telling them their society is a utopia and everything is okay, or helping them wake up to the truth before it's too late?

-9 ( +12 / -21 )

Black Mailing is one of the tactics Japanese companies are well known for, so make sure you always consult with a legal advisor or a layer in any dealings. Banks, Insurance companies, Auto dealers or repair shops, Realtors, Hospitals, Cell phone service centers, Landlords, even City Office staff will almost always take full advantage of you if you can't speak the language and catch the distorted language used to get you to sign or accept, so always seek advice from the Pro's.

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The market will provide, but this just blows my mind. The best part of any job is quitting it, whether in good terms or bad. Please don’t take that away from me.

6 ( +10 / -4 )

At least try resigning on your own first instead of having someone else do it for you. It's a learning experience. But young people beware, if you continuously quit and move, it's not going to look good on your resume. Life isn't peaches and cream, so get used to some hard knocks, that doesn't mean having to suffer abuse, but it does mean learning that it's called, "work," not play.

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Start your own business and enjoy your Freedom, and never work for anyone.

Now imagine if everyone would start their own business and no one would work for anyone...

7 ( +11 / -4 )

When you’re to big a wimp to tell the boss to stuff it…

-2 ( +8 / -10 )

Every business can be viable I guess. Says a lot about the working environment if people quit without even wanting to do it in person

3 ( +4 / -1 )

LOL, just walk out. If you think your job is bad, there’s a reason.

Just QUIT.

7 ( +9 / -2 )

Imagine paying someone five hundred bucks to say I quit for you?

I totally get it that there are still some very dark workplaces out there, some idiot bosses know nothing but repression and intimidation, but these jobs are not gulags. You wont be taken away beaten, gagged and starved for standing up for yourself, especially if all it is to do is to say, “I’m done, Bye!”.

These companies offering this service are making a dollar by enabling a level of weakness that will follow these ‘customers’ for the rest of their lives. A quick fix for a much bigger problem. There is nothing that comes good from running away from your own problems. They will just follow you, one way or another.

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you usually need paperwork from a previous company to give to other companies to explain in the least negative way why you resigned.

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Do you have a problem with “that” generation?

There seems to be a higher proportion of entitled weaklings.

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I took a part time job after having a significant surgery and informed the manager I couldn’t work more than 25 hours a week maximum, the third time I saw the schedule I had a 38 hour work week. The week prior I told them for a second time to not write me excessive hours. Upon seeing the third schedule it was apparent they weren’t listening.

I simply didn’t go to work again. Alter your way of dealing with things, finish your last shift and STOP GOING

8 ( +10 / -2 )

I’ve heard mothers go with their kids to the interview now as well. So resigning with help isn’t strange. The old managers who beltch out orders and treat staff like they are an emperor is common. Once had a meeting with the CEO of a computer software company come late to my interview for marketing director and then the first words out of his mouth were “I’m the emperor her can you do what I say?” To which I replied aren’t you hiring me for my expertise? So no I can’t promise that. And he started to stand up and walk out to which I said “excuse me if you need a yes boy I’m not your guy. I’m sorry but I’m really disappointed by your question. Best of luck” he paused and just continued to walk out the door and my agent next to me appeared shocked but I wasn’t. It’s common here. New staff are given nothing to do but fetch coffee and tea or pick out party locations. Glad the new generation has decided that’s enough.

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Good there are such services now, makes it easier (easy?) for those who are afraid to do so.

Hopefully it leads to mass resignations from awful companies and result in something positive

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Take this job and shove it! It's fun and very therapeutic! Do it Japan!

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They mostly quitting because they realized working with vermin.

Don't want to see them again? Simple, use an agency.

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How weak can you be to use such resignation services ?

... or who had their resignation refused when going through other firms.

I always compare some Japanese work environments/companies as slavery.

Problem is many Japanese have not passed the stage of their life to be 'adults", ie fully in charge of their life.

I remember my Japanese boss once told that he felt every worker under his command is incompetent and if could fire everyone he would. I was laughing heavily within my mind, viewing that situation. I did not care to reply to him because I was already leaving the company under good expatriate conditions.

Japanese companies run the old way will disintegrate, not enough cannon fodder coming like in the old days before the bubble.

-2 ( +1 / -3 )

When you treat people's lives like trash and expect to step on the necks of your employees like slaves then you will get what you deserve. It doesn't matter where you are in the world. Corporate Slavery is a problem for everyone. Your children could by dying and they will still want to lord over their little kingdoms and you. These services need to spread around the world so that people will stop being abused by their employers. HR departments will not help, you so somebody has to do it. Every second of your life is worth more than a few dollars every 60 minutes.

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Perhaps, such services are only available in Japan.....

2 ( +3 / -1 )

Today  11:20 am JST

Do you have a problem with “that” generation?

“ There seems to be a higher proportion of entitled weaklings. “

I thought you were gonna show me some links but apparently it’s all in your head. But if that’s true, you should thank the older generations. (1a)The world is a mess/(2a)life is more complicated today because of (1b) the selfishness of previous generations/(2b)millions of insufferable a-holes.

1 ( +2 / -1 )


I thought you were gonna show me some links

Links? Well, how about being so weak and spineless that you need an agency to quit for you. That is a new "service". My generation didn't have that, didn't need that.

And I'm not say ALL that generation are this way, but there are more than there used to be. Maybe you didn't experience the old days?

-2 ( +2 / -4 )

Wait a minute, wait a minute. This is Japan. It isn't the US, it isn't England, it isn't The Netherlands, it isn't Sudan, it isn't Iraq, it isn't Colombia. There is a different culture in Japan. Believe it or not there is a different culture in Japan. Resigning is different. Believe it or not Japanese people have a different way of resigning. How smart are people to assign their culture on Japan? For the Japanese, these services are a good way to resign. Resigning is a traumatic thing for them. They aren't wimps, they aren't cowards -- they are Japanese.

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While I disagree with this philosophically, I would nonetheless like to offer my services, and for half off the going rate. Just give me your boss’ name, email address, and a line of attack you would like me to use on them or your former company, and I will guarantee a solid resignation letter. No topic off-limits. Let me help you put your boss in their place.

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I hope none of the managers/supervisors of these companies take these cold resignations personal. Prayers for them.

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I've always resigned by bringing a resignation letter to my boss and handing it to him/her with my expected last day between 2 weeks (the common minimum) and 1-2 months when I've been a key person for the company.

Usually they are busy at the time and will come get me a few hours later to see the issue and if they can convince me to stay. I'm careful not to let anyone at work know that I've been looking for another position and I don't discuss it with anyone in the company.

Around here, in my industry, it is common to immediately escort the person from the building, shut off all their access and pay them the remaining 2 weeks salary. A few days later, an "exit interview" is setup where they dangle unpaid leave and other benefits paperwork, unless you sign their new non-disclosure agreement. That can be a significant amount of money.

Once I've turned in my resignation, sadly, I've never been immediately escorted out, though I wanted to be. All had me work until my suggested 2-8 week last day. Most tried to offer incentives to stay - lease cars they'd pay for, bumps in salary, more flexible hours. At that point, it is too late. NEVER accept the counter offer. Management has you in the "disgruntled" group and will seek to replace you ASAP. I know only 1 guy who did and he was replaced by the company within 4 months. Guess that car lease was nice while it lasted.

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