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Morgan Stanley gets $9 bil Mitsubishi UFJ lifeline


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Mitsubishi UFJ gets international banking 'status' just for $9bn, profits if any belongs to bankers and losses if any will be borne by tax payers.

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Mitsubishi UFJ as "the world’s second-largest bank" already has enough status. I now also has Morgan Stanley by the balls.

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Question: what assurances these banks or Congress have that these financial institutions will not continue paying $300 million or so to their CEOs?

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Sounds like the deal was handled responsibly. However, I am not sure if it's a good idea to simply buy more banks with the 9 billion dollars. I am no investment or economy expert, but if it were up to me, I would do some serious evaluation and re-organize the corporation. It's better to adjust some of the corporate objectives in light of the financial times, rather than "buy! buy! buy!". Sounds like the greed is still there.

Another skeptical commentary: If Uncle Sam can be trillions of dollars in debt and still function, why wouldn't the the investment banks think that they can pull it off too??

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3Tigers: It's all about the future, the belief that the US will pay off it's debts through innovation, hard work, trade, war, etcetera FAR, in fact dwarfs, the possible futures of a measely ol' bank.

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Got some of that at 22 dollars as they rocketed up. Fantastic. Saw some good Yen / Oz dollar swing too. All hail the greed!

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...that would be 12 dollars. Got a bt o kyboard gitter.

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This going through can only have helped confidence.

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Mitsubishi UFJ as "the world’s second-largest bank" already has enough status

but unfortunately this bank has bad reputation for being involved in Money Laundering, and as such denied entry in the USA market. But now with this little 'investment' will be able receive favorable treatment and thereby enjoy good reputation.

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"Morgan Stanley averted disaster with a $9 billion lifeline from a major Japanese bank, and on Monday declared it will use that money to pick off smaller rivals... “This is Darwinism finance, literally the survival of the fittest for the banks,” said Chris Johnson, chief investment strategist at Johnson Research Group"

A non-viable corporation is backed by outside funds which it will use to "pick off smaller rivals"?... ie, attack legal businesses in good standing?

In other words, one organism facing extinction gets a hand from another organism and goes on a rampage against healthier organisms?

This is not Darwinism in any sense of the word. This is just the cycle of irresponsible practices, bailouts and corporate cannibalism that we read about in regular cycles.

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