Most automakers fall short on climate goals: report

By Marlowe HOOD

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Electric vehicles aren't green if energy sources aren't green? Are they?

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Ridiculous article. Toyota and other ICE manufacturers understand the realities. Tesla only exists because of the huge subsidies that keep afloat a technology that isn't there by a long shot. Sorry but battery technology is just not there, otherwise Toyota et al. would have already been in the game. Unfortunately, the media and the public has been misled by this push for this technology that has a lot of shortcomings. Serious shortcomings! I was wondering why Toyota et al. hadn't been so aggressive in this market for electric vehicles until I read their evaluations. Those guys are engineers and they are totally right... the battery technology is just not there and you are doing nothing to reduce climate change and use resources sustainably by switching to the inefficient technology of battery-run automobiles.

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Moving off oil takes a concerted effort. Change is never easy. But without the first, bold, steps, change will never happen.

I will probably be in the last 25% of non-ICE drivers. Early adopters always pay a premium. OTOH, how long has the Toyota Prius been out? It is since 1997 in Japan and 2003 in the US. They've made hybrid vehicles all this time, so they've had 20 yrs if real-life experience with all the systems involved and 20 yrs to improve them.

I don't want to just pick on Toyota, but they were the first really practical hybrid cars anywhere.

The climate doesn't care about our feelings. Leaving a mess for our great grand children isn't cool.

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Of course, the car industries have real companies, real businesses, real products , real responsibilities for shareholders, staff, customers, economy, society etc. Those goals on the other hand are set at pure random and are only of theoretical nature, the mind ‘product’ of dreamers and idealists far from any real life experience, practice and science, strange people who are hovering in their phantasy bubbles and having really sick brains.

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"We are also worried about Toyota scoring worst among peers on climate lobbying as the company is jeopardizing its valuable brand."

I disagree. Toyota is is no way jeopardizing its valuable brand.

Actually, I'm relieved to know that Toyota conducts its business with focus on realities, not on some "green" fantasy bubbles like many NGO's do.

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