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Musk predicts Tesla self-driving cars 'later this year'


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And driverless taxis are a disaster in San Francisco now

These are totally different to the way Tesla does it. Waymo etc. are geofenced, and everything is stored data within a geofence. The taxis then drive around using radar to pickup obstacles, like a blind human.

Tesla uses cameras, like a sighted human, but 360 degrees, it learns, labels, predict, and control the car, like a human would. Only map data is stored.

It's freeky how fast the car learns, when I first got my car it didn't recognise a row of trees on my way to work, and it warns me, the next day, it labelled as trees, no more warning. Complex signalused intersection, learning takes a couple times, but amazing (because I see humans making mistakes at the same interesctions all the time.

BUT, IMHO, Tesla's biggest threat is the CCP, because Tesla talent could be lured for money.

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And driverless taxis are a disaster in San Francisco now. They run into things, they can’t stop for police trying to direct traffic around a fire or accident, they run over dogs, they run over fire hoses, they lock up and won’t move if a passenger doesn’t close the door completely.

They cannot think.

I never thought there would be a time when something was worse than a human behind the wheel.

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10th year in a row he's promised this.

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To distract from another failure, he releases some far off breakthrough may or may not happen

Autonomous has already 'happened' (at great development cost though), it has 'happened' in far more complex scenarios, google MQ25, an autonomous drone that requires no pilot, flies autonomously, as a tanker to refuel other aircraft, or for ISR, etc., can be controlled from ground station or a piloted aircraft.

The MQ25, unlike a car confined to a 2d plane, with clearly marked boundaries (roads), operates in a 3d environment, with all the meteorological factors, operating procedures and protocols that even human struggles with, and it does so with simple way points instructions, or flight path instruction.

Just because Tesla is not throwing vast amount of money at it does not mean it won't happen at all. Musk has track record of achievements without vast amount of money, eg spacex, or paypal.

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Musk predicts Tesla self-driving cars 'later this year'

Cool. When do we get self-flying cars?

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why do the Musk haters seem to follow corporate news narratives so much?

Should we be going to Q for our narratives, like all good conspiracy theorists?

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why do the Musk haters seem to follow corporate news narratives so much?

What are those narratives and what is 'corporate news'?

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To distract from another failure, he releases some far off breakthrough may or may not happen. He tease that his company is very close, but nothing comes of it

Musk just got FAA certified for testing a flying car. Oh yeah, BIG failure….Bhwa ha ha ha

why do the Musk haters seem to follow corporate news narratives so much?

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This is a pathetic attempt to control the narrative. The recent news that shows Musk is a failure as he personally runs Twitter with the release of Threads.

To distract from another failure, he releases some far off breakthrough may or may not happen. He tease that his company is very close, but nothing comes of it. Then it is off to the next distraction unless some actual good news presents itself then he will do a media blitz and will not shut up about it. He has been doing it with the cybertruck and recently with neurolink. He only does interviews when he screws up.

He is a richer version of Trump.

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The never-ending delay in the availability of self-driving cars reveals an important truth: the human being is an amazing thing. Despite all the computing power, radar, GPS, and cameras thrown at the problem, technology still cannot achieve what all of us do effortlessly every day. Rather than mocking Elon Musk, we should be celebrating the wonder of humanity.

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Yes, of course, and we have drone delivery systems, household and caring robots, AI systems that replace us and our jobs and also lightweight VR googles by which we communicate and dive in virtual worlds... Look, all those things are somehow already existent as trial and error or in best case niche products, but that’s all to it. It’s another hype, not less not more.

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He was predicting that self driving cars (Teslas) will be the thing “next year” since 2014 and we still don’t have any fully autonomous driving vehicles on the road in 2023. So I am calling this prediction BS.

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Electric car giant Tesla is set to realise fully autonomous vehicles "later this year", CEO Elon Musk said Thursday, in the billionaire's latest forecast for the long-anticipated milestone.

To be joined by Space X Super Heavy to Mars, Neurolink neurolaces, TeslaBot and Cybertruck shortly.

Waymo already has hailable self-driving taxis in SF, Phoenix and rolling out in on the LA freeways shortly.

Elon had great inspiration in the true master Iain Banks but has gotten caught up in his capitalist hype machine.

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I admire Musk's competence as CEO, but I doubt he has his pulse on FSD as good as he thinks. IMHO, FSD is ready when it stops learning. I drive a Tesla, I see it's still learning all the time, even on the same route. It's good that a driver can see the car learns fast, but the fact it's still learning means it's not ready.

When is FSD ready? When it learns 1 or less incident per year, per 10 years? At the moment it easily learn something new each week.

Also Musk should be more worried about taking CCP New Energy inventives, taking it means he had to sign a 'don't compete' agreement recently, sigh. Tesla was destroying the competition in China, even if the media was pushing BYD otherwise. Now we know why he raised prices after surging ahead.

Captitalism with CCP characteristic, compete but can't win against CCP competitions.

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My 2019 car follows the lines in the road and keeps distance from the car in front, so to make a fully self-driving car is relatively easy. The difficulty is making one that doesn't kill anyone. When they advertise a car guaranteed not to kill anyone, I may buy one.

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Looking at the record of Musk's promises this would mean it is more likely the self-driving cars will not be ready until next year or even later.

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Will Tesla be assuming 100% of liability? Yeah, didn't think so.

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I’ll never buy one -ever!

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While other other makers already go EV and self-driving Japan still stuck with gasoline.


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