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Musk sells more Tesla shares and stock continues to fall


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I think the motivation for this is simply a narcissist that likes to see his name in the news and have people talk about him.

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I think it is smart. It is perfect time to sell Tesla. This is it for them. The german electric cars are lot cheaper and lot lot better.

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Can't stand this man and his ego!

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Tesla has been a bit of a bubble stock so he’s selling at a reasonable time. And billions of dollars in taxes going to be paid… some will still have the nerve to say one man laying billions in taxes is it his “fair share” though!!

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He sells now to drive stock prices down. Then when they bottom out he uses some of his profits to by his shares back and thus drive the prices back up. This is a roller coaster ride of his making to make more money. Like he needs more. There needs to be a cap on personal wealth around the world and 1 Billion USD would be more than enough.

The wealth of people like Musk is sickening.

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Congrats to Musk for doing what he promised, for creating a company that produces an innovative product, for creating thousands of jobs which in turn results in income and taxes. And inspires others to do the same. Thankfully a capitalist society encourages this.

zichiToday  12:09 am JST

Too much wealth and power for a single person.

This is the reason we don't see as much innovation from a socialist society like the UK, which stifles individuals' creativity.

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zichiToday  05:27 am JST

shows how little you know about the UK.

I just showed how no top 30 billionaire is from the UK, and the US has multiple more patents granted each year than the UK.

As a non-British citizen like me, do you know more? Please share!

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You wouldn't be able to research your misinformation without Larry Page and Sergey Brin .

The US files twice as many patents per person as the UK.

Being a billionaire does not show innovation--these guys showed innovation and were rewarded with being billionaires: Elon Musk. Larry Page and Sergey Brin. Bill Gates, et al.

zichiToday  06:12 am JST

You also stated the top 18 richest people are Americans which is incorrect. 7 of the top 18 are not Americans, almost 50%.

8 out of top ten are Americans (80%). 19 out of 30 Americans. No one from the UK in top 30.


Who has much to learn?

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zichiToday  06:53 am JST

Wrong. There are many search engines. Archie was first released in 1990. Yahoo is older than Google.

Wrong? Yahoo is also the result of an American.

How so? America: 320 million people 285,000 patents. 89 patents/100,000 people. UK: 65 million people 55,000 patents, 85 patents/100,000.

Wrong statistics.

You constantly move your goalposts. Out of the top billionaires, 10 are not Americans. Out of the top 18, 7 are not Americans.

How can you misread this? I even gave you the link!

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Musk is great--true American ingenuity. Great model of the American dream.

zichiToday  09:46 am JST


when you do not like the answer you just change your question.

???? You're responding to the wrong post, wrong article, maybe even the wrong publication.

I am not asking any questions.

Just presenting links with facts.

Hard to argue with reality it appears.

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Musk is great--true American ingenuity. Great model of the American dream.

Born in South Africa, educated in Canada. Way to go America.

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StrangerlandToday  10:23 am JST

Born in South Africa, educated in Canada. Way to go America.

He went to University of Pennsylvania-in the US..

Tesla is a US company,

Only in America!

What a great country--provides opportunity to foreigners, best education system in the world, and a culture that pushes people to exceed beyond every boundary.

No wonder so many foreigners, such as you, dream of being able to live the American Dream.

We need more Elon Musks.

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