NEC to pull out of smartphone production


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Now it can concentrate on making fax machines, VCRs and transistor radios.

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Even Abenomics couldn't save it.

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The old men running NEC have survived for too long on old-fashioned products sold to other companies and government departments run by similar old men connected by their school, sport club and university network.

However if they can produce a flip phone or similar device with minimal functions for the elderly and physically or mentally challenged population, there is a massive market out there in the world...

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This is just the tip of the iceberg. Soon, many Japanese companies will follow suit.

Abenomics is based totally on currency manipulations: devaluation of the Yen. It won't help Japanese economy in the long run.

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The only option is to leave domestic market and think globally. But that seems kind of hard for Japanese smart phone makers. No one cares if a smartphone is available in 24 different colors. Its the price and functionality that matters.

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NEC is counting on continuing demand for flip phones and other conventional handsets including models for elderly people, the paper said, adding that market is doomed to shrink.

I mean really? The only people still buying flip phones are Japanese, anyone has recently met an American or Canadian who just bought a flip phone? I'm meeting people in their 60s and they've got smartphones. They are stopping production of smartphones, will people get laid off or will they just transfer the affected employees to another division that is already overstaffed? Come on Abe-san, third arrow of Abenomics, labor reform!

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I knew that Japanese companies were going to fail when the first smart phone hit the market years back. Unfortunatlly Japanese companies making cell phones at the time thought that their products were the best in the world and that judgement was totally wrong! Late to start because of Japanse company politics caused the demise of the smartphone production in Japan and with it the demise of the Japanese companies being in the top 3 in the world.

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wont be long before we see sharp, sony, and toshiba exiting as well. Japanese phones here are laggy, overpriced, and not much better than chinese phones i can buy off the internet from Huaawei or Lenovo

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This is so sad. I love my Nec N-08D. I may buy a couple more for when my eventually breaks.

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I'd really love to see Sony come back into the phone scene. If they were to do something similar to the Playstation's OS system on the Vita for a smartphone I could see it catching on. It's a clean look and easy to use in my opinion. I just want to see more competition, that's how we get good innovation within a market, healthy competition.

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'd really love to see Sony come back into the phone scene

Well they already make a nifty phone...

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NEC need to make a new PC Engine for the new generation of videogames. One of the best game consoles ever!

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