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Netflix aims to curtail password sharing - and bring in ads


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Ads... that would be a bad move soon as ads arrive I will cut my subscription to Netflix.

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It was inevitable. It's impossible to maintain a business model based on increasing user numbers. First they kept raising the monthly fee. Now they're bringing in ads. At least with Amazon Prime you also get the benefit of faster shipping along with the prime videos with ads.

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If they are going to bring in ads, they should cancel the subscription fee.

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I've just cancelled the subscription. I am turning to Disney+, they're bringing some good ones or i would just stop watching all these for what, nothing.

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Sod off with the threat of ads. I don't pay a subscription to have it interrupted with pointless and needless ads. That's why I stopped watching tv.

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Things are so bad in USA with inflation that some people can’t even afford $15 for TV. Think about that.

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They are whining about the loss of 200,000 subscribers when it was their own decision to stop business operations in Russia and lose 700,000 subscribers! While the majority of people initially supported sanctions against Russia, it will come back to bite them in the back when prices for everything rises due to cutting Russia out!

Password sharing with family members living in different households was actually part of the reason that Netflix got so many customers in the past and by stopping this they will definitely lose so many subscribers. Also since we are learning fro live with covid and resuming outdoor life many people just won’t have time to watch anything on Netflix so will cancel their subscription…bye bye Netflix!

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There are many countries in the world where Netflix can’t charge very much. If they could augment subscriptions with ads in those countries, they would be in much better shape. Netflix can’t order people in Turkey or India to suddenly be rich enough to give them $15/month like Americans do. They can also squeeze them for account sharing, but ads in the lower-ARPU regions are inevitable.

"Nearly half of Netflix subs would choose a cheaper, ad-supported option"


Hub's research presented current Netflix subscribers with a hypothetical ad-supported tier and 46% said they would choose an option that includes pre-roll ads for $5 less per month.

However, only 39% would choose the less expensive plan if it meant watching pre- and mid-roll ads.

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