Netflix shares slide on disappointing Q2 subscriber growth


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They keep raising prices and losing content, replacing it with originals but these days their originals are garbage. It fees like they're greenlighting anything regardless of the quality.

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They should go back to mailing out DVDs of the films and TV they are no longer allowed to stream. Raising prices whilst your programme library shrinks is a sure way to kill the business.

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Netflix has great content but agree that recently new content has been below par, too many dark tv-shows and movies.

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This skid was always expected. They can’t post record sign ups every quarter for every year. With new players constantly entering the market it was always going to slow down. Furthermore, their rising prices to go along with their crackdown on VPN and loss of content to rivals would always equal a slow down.

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They sent out emails earlier in the month saying they were upping the price, and that would be my guess for the slide.

Take note big companies and governments: when you jack up prices and taxes, you LOSE customers and people stop spending. Ultimately this small hike in price is going to lose them far more than if they had kept it as is, especially when Amazon Prime is free if you are a member of the Prime service already.

Amazon Prime: ¥3600/year (or something like that) if you become a member solely for that purpose, forgetting that it ensures next-day delivery of Amazon warehouse products.

Netflix: ¥15,000 / year.

Now, Netflix has far more and far better original programming, but still.

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I actually do like a lot of their original content and think for the most part it’s good, but I’m not happy with the prices and the removal of content, this rotation of films, less content than the US, less time, less newer content, less newer TV shows, it’ll only get worse for Netflix if they don’t consider keeping up with rivals like Amazon Prime. What will they do Once Apple and Disney launch their channels later this year? Disney announced its going to be a lot cheaper than Amazon and Apple has some heavyweight Hollywood moguls behind them, if Netflix won’t try and get it together, they’ll lose big time and the other newcomers will snatch them.

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I've been a Netflix subscriber for a long time, and I enjoy it. I can usually find a movie to watch, all Star Trek TV series are available to stream (at least in Japan), and I'm a big fan of Stranger Things. I don't mind the subscription fee as it's still cheaper and more convenient than going to Tsutaya or buying Blu-Rays (especially at Japan's inflated prices).

Still, the prospect of going up against the Disney/Marvel/Lucasfilm juggernaut has got to be terrifying. I don't envy them at the moment.

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No surprise. Increase prices while not putting out any decent movies or programs.

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But with people discovering free streaming sites for movies and tv shows,is going to cause an impact too.

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