Netflix trims staff to weather slowing growth


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Too woke and so full of propaganda films and documentaries...

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Cancelled my subscription after the last price increase. Netflix seemed to think they were infallible and the amount of woke material has surely put many off. Time to get on the peacock train.

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Netflix on Tuesday said it laid off about two percent of its staff in a belt-tightening move

well, those dumped staff will be doing the most belt-tightening I guess.

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Sick of Netflix as lifestyle. And actually limited choice considering range of title on other providers also to pay for.

Missing スカッパ and WOWOW - actually liked the randomness of things I could choose to watch.

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Absolutely's sickening how woke it has become..... I would rather watch static that the crap they have.

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Too woke and so full of propaganda films and documentaries...

Not anymore.

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No one is watching television anymore they are too busy watching their phones!!! Besides the movies are a bunch of crap!

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The company made $1.6 billion and its first reaction is to cut 150 people who, by their own statement, were good employees. It seems like an incredibly short sighted way to run a company… especially a seemingly very profitable one.

Japan’s employment protections are very strong, too strong, but a complete lack of protection as found in most US states is certainly not the answer.

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