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New H&M tagline sparks outcry over gender violence association

By Beh Lih Yi

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I've never heard of GBV before. All these "outrages" don't really benefit the cause of the LGBTQ community. If anything it puts a lot of people off interfacing with them in any way due to their hyper-sensitivity and extreme volatility.

Incidents like this where clearly there was no malicious intent should be dealt with more rationally. The goal should be to spread awareness and sensitivity not run people out of town with pitchforks for every minor, unwitting infraction.

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Not that I condone any violence towards anyone... but this is just getting ridiculous. I've never heard of this term before. People need to stop reaching for something that isn't there.

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"The right thing to do would have been to remove them all and apologize."

Apologize for what? I’ve never even heard the term gender based violence. So it can’t be that synonymous with the acronym for it. Why do they get to own the acronym?

Expecting an apology for someone making a non-intentional mistake is silly, but when the mistake isn’t even apparent after it’s explained? Screw off.

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OK, I thought maybe I was the only one on the PLANET that never heard of GBV but the three posters above PROVE I am not alone...………...thank GOODNESS!!!

This woke crap is really getting on my nerves, go GET STUFFED I say!

And reading the crap above it would appear that GBV does NOT include violence against MEN.....big surprise NOT! Who\what else does this stupid abbreviation cover or NOT cover for that matter

Society in the west is getting nuttier by the SECOND!!!

I am now scared to fly home for a holiday! I would probably offends hundreds by the time I left the airport & thousands or MILLIONS by the time I left LOL!!!!

I am ALL for treating people with respect but this WOKE CRAP is theatre of the ABSURD!!! I hope Japan never succumbs like it is in the west, what a nightmare!

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