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New Japan era name a boon for Australian property website

By Charly Triballeau

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To be precise, it's actually neither Lei nor Rei but somewhere in between.

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exactly - serendipitous. I fear young Danny is being over pedantic.

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Good on ya, Nev.

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The Real Estate Institute of Western Australia said it had an unexpected surge in traffic to its website -- Reiwa.com -- after the era of the next emperor, Naruhito, rule was named.

That will end as soon as it started. It was 1000s of people hoping they could be the first to buy reiwa.com a couple hundred bucks and resell it at a tidy profit. It won't do a thing for their bottom line, unless they sell the domain name themselves.

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Dear Danny.. I suggest you get ears checked and maybe get a jp dictionary on the way... Japanese doesnt have L

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and the Japanese 'r' is actually even closer to a flapped 'd' than either an English 'r' or 'l' when you look at articulatory phonetics...

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Reiwa.com is hoping that Japan's new era also brings a new era in a market that is shrinking after a decade-long mining-fueled boom.

"We want to embrace all of this traction and use it as an opportunity to entice migration and foreign investment back into our state," said REIWA chief executive Neville Pozzi

So they actually encourage Japanese immigration and investment there? Amazing, a far cry from what other countries have done.

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@Danny Bloom : In Japanese language there is no sound [ L ]. (London for a Japanese person will be Ron-Don]. So, what you wrote is not correct.

Moderator: All readers back on topic please.

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I don't get the connection.

There are few Japanese in Australia, and Chinese don't care about Reiwa, has no meanings for them.

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Just a reminder,! Noonday cares beyond this week.

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The actual pronunciation in Japanese is not Rei-Wa but rather Lei-Wah or lay-wah. Just as ramen is actual said as lamen. So it's lei wa. I dare anyone to disagree with me. Ask any Japanese person. They will tell you. Listen to how Nhk reporters say the the new era name on tv.

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