New Nissan-Renault alliance no longer aiming for greater synergies

By Yuki Yamaguchi

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New Nissan-Renault alliance no longer aiming for greater synergies

So what they aiming then?

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If you're having trouble getting the gist of this article, I've rewritten the lead for you:

After Nissan Motor Co and Renault SA rebalanced their mutual shareholdings, their management teams benefited from improved flexibility but ended up with fewer synergies than expected, according to analysts.

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Or maybe the French cannot find any western management staff to relocate to Tokyo, so just gave up. Nissan has many sharp knives when you turn your back on them.

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So in other words, they're really throwing in the towel now. Sqeezing suppliers by combining their purchasing power was the only thing they were good at doing together. If they don't even have that anymore, then there's hardly anything left.

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After owning and driving results of this alliance,I can report that the French are better at design, innovation and flair,and the Japanese at engineering and quality control.

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read between lines.

so called alliance renault nissan is done.

no more Ghosn to come here.

renault hard hit by closure of their business in Russia for political sale-just check data and figure out by yourself.

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New Nissan-Renault alliance no longer aiming for greater synergies

Awesome strategy Nissan , why try to reduce cost of making your cars when you can make them more costly. As long as the nationalistic oyajis are happy. Great business acumen. How long before Nissan seeks another loan guarantee from the government?

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Another 2 years and Nissan is back in the hole where Mr Ghosn got them out from.

bankruptcy is the future for Nissan

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