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New Toyota afforestation project announced in China


Toyota Motor Corp said that its Chinese subsidiary Toyota Motor (China) Investment Co Ltd (TMCI) held a signing ceremony marking its agreement to carry out the Toyota Green Greater Beijing Economic Zone Fengning Afforestation Project.

The afforestation project is to be carried out over three years, starting in 2011, by TMCI in collaboration with the Hebei Province Forestry Bureau and the Fengning Manchu Autonomous County Forestry Bureau.

Toyota said the aim of the project is to plant trees in a 150-hectare area over three years in the Nanshakouzi region in the northern part of Hebei Province (including Fengning County). This area serves as a water source for Beijing and Tianjin, but is experiencing particularly severe desertification that has caused sandstorms affecting those two cities.

Toyota said the project also seeks to encourage the development of greening activities that establish economic independence for local residents via earnings from the afforested areas. This aim is identical to that of the 10-year project in Xiaobazi Township that began in 2001.

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Did Toyota learn this from Volkswagen who have been engaged in reforestation projects elsewhere, but supports panda research in China? Anyway, all very worthwhile projects. Desertification is a serious environmental problem.

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good thing a japanese company wants to protect china's enviroment. because china currently doesn't want to.

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This is ironic , the chinese are taking over the forests in Japan, sort of like a double wammy for China.

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Sometimes people cannot see the tree, because of the forest; A single tree supports more life then most can imagine -see and unseen- ,because a tree works 24 hours a day, supporting and protecting the life that is on our planet. Thanks to Toyota of China for showing wisdom and investing in the future.

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Toyota Green Greater Beijing Economic Zone Fengning Afforestation Project.

Is this a part of project preventing tons "Koosa" from blowing to Japan? I hope so as many Japanese kids are developing an athmatic reaction to it. I hope China is contributing a fair ( more than half) share for this project.

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Oww, I forgot to add this warning to Toyota, please do not repeat a mistake of ODA. China can afford this if they drop promoting big TV commercials in US "Buy China, Come to China" 24/7.

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