New Zealand fines Japan Airlines over cargo cartel


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Good on ya, Kiwis. Kia Ora!!

Serves them right. You don't just come out of bankruptcy and buy new planes and go back to being No. #1 Very shady business practices by all Japanese companies.

Japan shouldn't be allowed to do business overseas.

Don't buy their cars, products, or services. Let that be a lesson to them.

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So it looks like the Govt gets 16.4 Million and the people who were ripped off are still ripped off but by the Govt instead of the airline now.

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Net ninja, what this means is ALL those airlines are colluding with NZ air to fix rates, not surprizing to me I work in freight & rates to AKL have always been over the top!


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Interesting that all these airlines are either part of or affiliated with the OneWorld Alliance... I wondered how they could all collude but as they are all part of the same carrier network, it really seems quite plausible. Of course this just means they will no doubt raise their fees & put the costs to the consumer to compensate for their legal losses...

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typical Japanese company- you bail them out and they go back to criminal activity soon after. How many times has sony been in trouble with the law? (price fixing, DRM rootkits). Olympus?Toshiba? Sharp? I agree with NetNinja. Consumers shouldn't have to deal with law breaking corporations.

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