Newspapers struggle to find path in digital age


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The problem is that 24-hour news channels and the proliferation of Internet-enabled cellphones have tremendously hurt newspapers. Why wait once a day for newspaper delivery when you get can the latest news in seconds on your cellphone? I can right now pick up my cellphone and within seconds, find out the latest news by checking the Twitter postings of news organizations, certain news reporters, and so on.

Indeed, Alvin Toffler warned about this change some 35 years ago in his famous book The Third Wave. And what he predicted 35 years ago has become 2015 reality.

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The internet or newspapers? Picking my own news sources or having a handful of old people picking them for me... Easy choice.

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People in the media business have to recognize they’re not in the print or broadcasting business, they are in the business of attracting audiences” to sell advertising, he said.

Very true Rayment, I also don't consider a newspaper as a source of the latest news. The article raises a good point about needed to constantly address new tastes in consumer behavior. Almost every week in Japan it seems the drink companies produce either a new package or new drink in the vending machines to keep customers interested. I enjoy looking to see what is popular too with the sold out signs. The media industry could learn a lot from these drink/beer companies.

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I don't think newspapers will ever be profitable again. You can read news on the Internet now just like your're zapping TV channels, sitting on your couch.

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i coined a word for print newspapers which are delivered to homes or offices with news that is already 12 hours old as ‘‘snailpapers‘‘. google the term. it is catching on. but at same time i prefer snailpapers to screenpapers. i love paper!

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Here is a hint if you want to read an online newspaper that limits you to 5 articles a month such as the NY TImes. Use Google Chrome and put in Hola. It is their free VPN plugin which takes an instant to install. That and Ad Block Plus will allow you to read as much as you want. After you reach their limit and tell you, go to Hola and change the IP address and continue reading.

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"It is their free VPN plugin"

Nothing is free. If using Hola, just be aware you may be carrying traffic for others.

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The problem with newsprint is it has not caught up with the changed reality of technology. In an social environment that is becoming more conscious of the impact of deforestation and climate change, the news relies on paper and ink for its daily dose of news. Fundamentally, newspapers have not changed since its invention of over one hundred years, and for newspapers to grow it needs to develop a replacement for paper that has in it the same scope as the early pc's. Newspapers needs a new medium to plant itself that carries all the traits of the internet and the portability of an E-Reader that would be in the format of a newspaper; one that is not disposable and has a sense of permanence A display medium that is the size of a regular newspaper, but has the reliability of a tablet with streaming video and static updating news articles..

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albleo: Your link does not exist.

Hola is free. I have not had any issues with it nor extra adds. Actually, when I watch American TV with it and use Ad Block Plus, I do not even get the American TV commercials.

I still use PIA as my main VPN and they are great.

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why would anybody want to read a paper, 30% content 70% advertisments

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