NHK aims to begin simultaneous streaming, with gov't approval


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So soon the knock on the door will not be asking do you have a TV it will be do you use the internet, saw this coming but like every time i will become the frenchman who speaks no Japanese or English ;o)

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I wonder, will NHK now try to collect their fees from every Internet user in the world? sarcasm

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NHK World does this already, if I'm not mistaken.

"amid surging popularity of streaming video services."

I love how Japanese journalists write about technology as if it's 2005.

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@ David Varnes, You know they will try. I think they will also demand fees per device. Houshold with a TV, computer, and a couple of phones....easy money!

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I love how Japanese journalists write about technology as if it's 2005.

Exactly. This has been happening in other countries for many years now. I can't help thinking that only desperation forced NHK to start this streaming service. To give a bit of credit, all the other Japanese channels offer something on the internet now.


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saw this coming

Yep, me too. It's gonna be hard to claim you don't have internet service. I wonder how they'll go about it. The easiest way would be to make it mandatory for an ISP to just slap the fee on as part of the bill. The fairest way would be to set up a paywall (would also give an indication of just how interested the general public is in their streaming service). The most ridiculous way would be to have these collection agents knock on every door trying to strong-arm people (maybe the agents are drooling over this prospect because of the cut they'll get).

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If you live in the mountains, it is possible to lose a digital signal in very bad weather, or not even get one in the first place. Streaming is a useful backup in that situation.

They used to have a backup of the terrestrial channels on the BS satellite frequencies during the rollout of digital broadcasting, but it was stopped a few years ago.

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The public broadcaster is trying to position itself as "public media" and retain viewers who are leaving them for unpaid or paid video streaming services

I guess they won't care if they have only 50 viewers nationwide after they get the green light to collect money from everyone who uses internet. Because that's the way it works, right? now we are demanded to pay for having a TV set, no matter if we don't watch their signal. Later we will have to pay if we use Internet, no matter if we have a TV set or not.

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NHK is gonna start sending collectors on the streets now. Anyone they see walking around with a smartphone or any laptop in any cafe, is gonna be asked if they have paid their NHK fees this month and try to collect lol.

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I wonder, will NHK now try to collect their fees from every Internet user in the world? ****sarcasm

no need for the sarcasm that is exactly its endgame, when hell freezes over.

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Yup.... that is all about money. Its amazing how quickly new laws get passed in Japan when an established juggernaut wants to fill a loophole. In Japan there is a Kotowaza.... "Ishii no ue ni moo san nen". Basically it means, if you do something long enough eventually you'll get good at it. Or slow persistent effort will show results. They want you to think that things should change slowly... especially if you're an "outsider", but when you're and "insider".... a few million Yen, in the right pockets, can do wonders.

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Some documentaries esp. of SouthEast Asia are really good show on NHK. Last time I watched was the pottery in Cambodia.

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NHK easily has the highest quality programming of the broadcast channels in Japan.

OTOH, it's not a very high bar to get over.

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NHK easily has the highest quality programming of the broadcast channels in Japan.

Most of the good shows are imported from abroad, like BBC and American channels.

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The makings for ditching Net Neutrality in Japan... NHK will tie up with NTT and only NHK streaming will be given priority - so the likes of U-Tube and NetFlix will be hit by poor bandwidth issues making them unwatchable.

End result... back to PirateBay.

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NHK doesn't have the decency to offer a 'buy it if you want it' service, like many others. Moreover, how are they able to literally force contracts on people?

Pretty soon, people will shy away from payable Internet connection and use free WiFi. Unless of course NHK forces payment for a digital device, too.

Personally I'd like to see them shut down or banned from forcing contracts!

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Now to be fair, the UK's BBC forces everyone to have a TV license. Though their programming is miles better than most, and doesnt have the same "stars" appearing in nearly every program...

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Reading some people's comment about nicking NHK, I found something interesting although I believe it will tire some people out.

Basically no matter how the law is written at the moment you need to sign a contract with NHK and NHK needs to satisfy you with the explanation of the service they offer to obtain informed consensual contract to be binding. Since that is required under the commerce law in Japan.

SO what you need to do is hear out all what they have to say then ask any question you can think up of and then say you are not satisfied with the explanation they have given and tell them that I withhold signing until I gain further explanation of the points I had made and send the collector o his marry way.

Do it until the collector of your district gives up.

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Instead of wasting company funds to pay people to go door to door, why don't they just make it a paid app? If you want it, pay a fee to download it like most apps, as with Netflix, Hulu and other services like so. Are they afraid no one believes it's worth paying for? As a foreigner, there is absolutely nothing on NHK worth wasting my time and money watching. As for emergency information, got enough of that on my iPhone. Adding to that, if Tokyo ever gets slammed by a earthquake, tsunami, major flooding or fire, I doubt the internet services will be working.

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