Nifco to sell Japan Times to PR firm News2u Holdings


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Established in 1897, The Japan Times is Japan's oldest running English-language daily and one of more than 50 member newspapers that together finance Kyodo News, a nonprofit cooperative, with membership dues.

I wonder if JT finances Kyodo as well?

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I give the it another 3-5 years before we read:

The Japan Times was Japan's oldest running English-language daily

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Agree that it's days are numbered. This JT simply passed it by. I haven't bought a physical paper here or at home in at least a decade. Adapt or die.

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u hot the nail on the head, JT and Kyodo pretty much are partners. this is bad news for both.

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I'm not sure whether the government will want to see such an esteemed English publication, a voice from Japan for so long, disappear ahead of the Olympics.

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esteemed? u serious? my guess is the government backs both the JT and Kyodo.

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Isn't Japan Times run and owned ny Asahi Shimbun

Online news papers are getting tough with Monthly fees, etc

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Does News2U have an agenda, liberal or conservative. It seems all US media are on one side or the other. Japanese newspapers too are liberal or conservative (i.e., like Abe or don't like Abe).

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I think News2u's only agenda will be to publish as many advertorials as possible. Every second article will be a news release promoting Big Mac Sauce, Matcha Mentos, etc. Basically what we see on other news sites. People who subscribe to the physical paper might have their information sold to third parties and be inundated with junk mail? What other reason would a PR firm want to buy a newspaper for? I wonder if the website paywall will come down in order to attract more eyeballs.

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I kept buying the Japan Times until the price went up to almost 200 yen a few years ago. That was just a bit too high for my liking.

The quality of the paper has dipped a bit in the last decade in my opinion.

If an online paper had a subscription rate that's really cheap, I'd pay, but most subscriptions cost too much.

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Speed - their light subscription is 900 yen a month, which I think is good value.

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The Japanese language statement of News2U suggests that the Japan Times will be turned into a corporate PR distribution facility.

日本からの世界への報道の充実をめざすとともに、 、グループ各社の顧客基盤を活用してさまざまなデジタル事業に取り組む. PR会社ニューズ・ツー・ユーは、ジヤパンタイムズのノウハウをいかし、法人向けの海外への情報発信サービスを開発するとしている

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A newspaper being run by a public relations firm? I'm sure the core ethics of journalism will be on hand to make sure the ship steers a true course. All the way to the bank.

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The company taking over is a shipbuilding company called Tsuneishi that wants to be like one of the big-boy zaibatsu. They probably view this as an opportunity to extend their publicity to a wider audience and establish a more well-known brand as most people have probably never heard the name outside of Hiroshima.

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Another possibility is that News2U was more interested in the real estate than the newspaper. The location in Shibaura is not the greatest but it is not far from Tamachi on the Yamanote and Keihin Tohoku Lines.

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The building in Shibaura is owned by NIFCO and The Japan Times occupies only 2 of its 14 floors. So the real estate may not be part of the deal.

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