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Nikkei closes 4.94% higher on weaker yen


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Yen not that much weaker. This is pure gambling frenzy at the moment.

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Tokyo stocks surged 4.94% Monday on the back of a weaker yen and better-than-expected U.S. jobs data.

This is utter madness. People are using the Nikkei like the next best thing to pachinko. Some private investors and pension funds are going to get very badly hurt, when things come crashing down this Autumn.

By the way, they were not better than expected US jobs data, they were worse than expected and the reason Wall Street rose was because investors believe the Fed will keep using QE. If the jobs data had been better than expected, Wall Street would have had a very bad evening because investors would have been more sure that the Fed wouls stop QE.

Very soon the Fed is going to turn off the QE and you can expect to see markets all over the world lose a lot of the gains made in 2012 - 2013.

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Volatile swings fueled by the greedy playing the stock market and Forex, pity they don't impose larger taxes on these lecherous greed driven money grabbers to help stabilise markets and currencies.

Could perhaps solve more than one problem all in one swift move, instead of imposing higher taxes on the working man.

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One cannot be surprised by current volatility. Nikkei gained so much so rapidly, and yen also weakened unambiguously so rapidly. Now, the yen weakness trend since Abenomics began has ended. Volatility in markets is natural, as speculators who gained profits must buy back yen to confirm their gains.

Markets will settle again, shortly, I am sure.

Speculation is not bad thing. It is necessary for speculators to exist in a market, to ensure the liquidity for other users of a market. Without the speculators, markets would be more volatile always, and costs for users of markets would be higher.

Speculation is not just grabbing of money. Speculators also risk their money. Potential of profit for speculators is price required for offering the liquidity to the market.

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Yen's going back in the right direction again.

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@ Serrano - wrong direction for me, buddy - I'm getting paid in Yen! C'mon yen, strengthen!

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BurakuminDesJun. 10, 2013 - 11:05PM JST

@ Serrano - wrong direction for me, buddy - I'm getting paid in Yen! C'mon yen, strengthen!

It will, in December 2013 / January 2014 because the fundamentals will still be the same for a while longer, leading creditor nation, but anyone who has their savings in Yen from 2015, needs their head testing, Japan will default on their sovereign debt within 2 years from there.

Abenomics is the economic banzai charge of days from an age not taught in high school

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Dog, I will take what you say with a grain of salt, but it is obvious you know a bit more on this subject than most others. Are you imparting your wisdom with us to help us out? If what you say is true ... what on earth are you doing posting on JT?

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If the sovereign debt is as bad as the doomsdayers say then Japanese sovereign bond CDS premiums would not be so low. If anyone thinks they can rate the risk better then they are nuts not to back up the truck on those CDSs.

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