Nikkei ends above 20,000 mark for 1st time in more than a month


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On the basis of...wishful thinking?

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Should technically be at about 10,000 with this pitiful abenomics.

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Should technically be at about 10,000 with this pitiful abenomics.

Shinzo Abe and his cronies inflate the numbers to help the stock market because they are trying to sell the equities for foreign investors. Too bad for them that most foreign investors do not want to buy useless Japanese firms. The only ones that American hedge funds are targeting are multinational, insolvent Japanese corporations. Americans want to salvage and liquidate whatever left of the Japan INC.

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Still can't believe the yen is as strong as it is. I really feel it needs to drop to the $1.15-$1.20 range if Japan is going to be able to pull itself out of this recession/depression.

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The economy, worldwide, is awful. Understandably so. Our attention should be on fighting the pandemic first, while trying to do what we can to salvage the economy, and the stock market should be our last concern. Artificially trying to prop up the stock markets is like putting the cart in front of the donkey, as we say in English.

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The stock market and the real economy parted ways long ago.

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As one of the LEAST export dependent economies among the majors, Japan can easily absorb the shock of a much stronger currency. Its days of racking up obscene trade surpluses through an undervalued yen are over. Sub 100 as soon as this crisis is over, if not sooner.

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Japanese government money pushes up the price of airline stocks even when a yearlong downturn is in the offing.

Nevermind that a large number of people won’t see a May paycheck!

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