Nikkei ends at 30-year high on optimism over domestic earnings


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Bring it on!

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Thank you Suga-san!

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Deflation is all over yet stocks rise?


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Where do those hidden events take place? Publish some addresses where we can go and stand in line for those domestic earnings. lol

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Please give the list of the companies that are money.

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@kurisupisu didn't you read the headline? optimism over domestic earnings.

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I’m optimistic, very much so.

However, this evening, I noticed that the 8000 yen in my wallet, from this morning had not become 8400yen.

I was expecting a 5% rise based on my optimistic nature.

What is wrong?

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When you sign terrible deals that destroy your economic rise for decades, news like this means nothing for the average Japanese. Many don't even have any stocks to take advantage.

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People revel at their market windfall while corpses pile up. The march of folly.

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Many don't even have any stocks to take advantage.

They should. Median Japanese household assets have been at a record high recently, the bulk of which is cash deposits and insurance products. If Japanese people don't own stocks, that is their choice. It's very cheap and easy to buy shares these days.

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