Nikkei expected to hold firm this week


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“There are neither high expectations nor negative reactions so far

this is called Gloomy Outlook.

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Daiwa and Nomura advice=IGNORE

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You go, Japan. Gambare!!

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so, the yen will hold its bad position too...

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Not sure what jobs data the writer is waiting for, but Friday's NFP data was awful, resulting in a 2.2% drop for the DJ index. I'd be surprised if the Nikkei didn't start the week with a similar fall.....Could be wrong :)

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A not so firm, somewhat shaky start to the week, Monday, with a 1.86% (166 point) fall......

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Yeah well, it's now Monday, around 9 pm in Japan, and premarket trading looks horrible. It's not about the USA, it's about Europe. I can't imagine the Nikkei is going to do so well if this keeps up.

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I think the DOW fell on Friday due to the very shocking NFP data and the Nikkei fell today because of the NFP and the doubt about German support for ECB bailouts......The US has a holiday today but all European bourses are tanking... .....Recession???

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