Nikkei hits 26,000 mark for 1st time in 29 years on vaccine news


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I guess now next to daily virus cases in Tokyo, Japan Today will report Nikkei225 highs.

Obviously for those who didn't realised yet that all the businesses suffering and it's a stock market bubble. You can cheers!

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Actually on the endless money printing going on around the world.  Asset inflation the only ploy left in late capitalism.

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It's false economy, rich people playing /gambling with excess money. If it goes down the complaints with be boustours and never ending. Meanwhile in the real world people can't pay mortgage, rent, and food has become a focus. Things are twisted when a country's focus is on the profit loss of the rich and not on the well being of the population.

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As usual, too soon.

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 Asset inflation the only ploy left in late capitalism.

Yeah, japan's property prices are really out of control. LOL. Do you want free land in the countryside? It's there for the taking.

rich people playing /gambling with excess money. 

Many, if not most, of the people on this board who assume this just about rich people don't realize that your pension plans, insurance policies, and other social security arrangements are backed by funds stuffed with vast amounts of stocks.

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It’s kinda scary how some of the people commenting don’t realize how much the markets affect them/their families. Goes to show that a lot of people here probably aren’t saving for retirement.

It's false economy, rich people playing /gambling with excess money.

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