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Nikkei index ends up 8%; logs largest 1-day point gain in 26 years


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Irrational exuberance, or whistling past the graveyard?

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The Latter. Prop up by BOJ..and end of year.

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My opinion is selfish as are the manipulators. I want ¥150 to $1.00

It would boost exports immediately and help the Japanese economy.

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Yes, a weak Yen for about half a year would be good for the country, but I don't think the US would allow that. They too are looking to export and sell as much as they can!

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@Tom I understand a weak yen would help you make alimony payments in yen but what is the reason you think the dollar should be so much stronger than the yen? The US has as many problems as Japan.

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That was fun. It was definitely a good day.

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