Nikkei rises above 29,000 mark to end at 7-month high


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Yes, a few heavily indebted companies getting a boost. America with the largest debt in the world to Japan with the highest ratio of debt in the world.

Such partners in crime!

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Who cares about what the stock market might be doing? It's totally unconnected and divorced from the real world we are struggling to survive in with its very high level of inflation and no wage increases.

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Fear vs Greed

What does Japan have to really cause the stock market to rise?


The geriatric time bomb will eventually cause a huge implosion in Japan that will destroy any positivity....

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so invest in firms that manufacture adult diapers, manage roujin homes and the conglomerates that own the cremation halls.

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Spot on iraira. A sensible take.

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pure speculations faraway from reality of real everyday life.

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How much money has the BOJ pumped into directly purchasing stocks and bonds? Stocks are now higher than ever. Things are a little frothy…

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The geriatric time bomb will eventually cause a huge implosion in Japan that will destroy any positivity....

...and you don't think Japan is aware of the demographics problem that has confronted political debate over the last 20 years?

Japanese corporation has been preparing for this ^ for decades, automating as much as they possibly can. Nowhere else in the world are you greeted with a ticket vending machine just to order a bowl of udon, machine to take and count cash, kaiten sushi....

Fanuc etc. is at the leading edge of global automation, in fact much of today's global supply chain relies on Japanese robotics developed years ago. Look up Preferred Networks for a look at future AI tech.

As sad as it is, Japan corporations values human labor at near zero compared to other OECD countries, they are writing their way into a future independent of human labor.

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Interesting comments from many of you -thanks.

I get it about the investing and automation.

However, where are the systems that feed a patient, answer a nurse call, clean dentures,put someone to bed and fulfill the other basic needs of an aged population?

This is the massive drain that gets larger and larger each year with the accompanying negatives such as more of the following:road accidents,missing people,crime etc.

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