Nikkei rises for 4th straight day as weaker yen lifts exporters


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rate 1usd=120jpy is needed to help to exporters to rise from recent misery...

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150 to 1 dollar

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150 to 1 dollar

Ain't gonna happen as long as yen is a prime global safe haven currency.

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If the yen weakens then we all know Trump will go ballistic so I doubt that will happen. Also, Japan holds so many Treasuries and other US assets that it can easily massage the exchange rate by either selling or buying assets in dollars.

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What are they exporting, if everyone is home and nobody is working? Oh, right...

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Yes Nikkei went up for the fourth straight day I love it.

Major companies in Japan and overseas are either closed or barely producing anything. Everyone stays home but stocks go up due to the printing policies of central banks. So technically it means we can shut down all the companies and just print money and stock will go up and up then we can pay dividends to the ones who bought shares.

I tell ya stock market is one big ponzie scheme.

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It is inevitable that the Yen will weaken. That is a fact.

¥150 = $1.00 within 2 years.

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Not really that weak"

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Slight bounce before the really bad economic news hits. Then we'll see. Storm coming.

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Its on a winning streak?

Sounds like word coming from a mate in a casino. When in times of crisis they start talking about winning streaks with YOUR invested money, you know it's time to exit the market.

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The country is too old, too hard headed, and not accepting new immigrants

Japan has been that way for at least the last couple of decades and yet the yen has mostly been a rock, the darling of global investors.

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