Nikkei soars 7.71% in biggest one-day jump since 2008 financial crisis


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Yoyo markets! Didn't they plummet yesterday?

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Buy and hold, people; buy and hold.

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people are super careful nowdays, as soon as theres a drop they dump there shares. I certainly wouldnt want to be screwed agian by those betting against the market all the while telling you how good things are.

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Lets just hope and pray that China has now sorted out their financial "mini-crisis" - or else get ready for another big dip!

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I hate to say it, but the markets are becoming more and more of a casino/game of chance as time does on. there are little or no economic fundamentals or links that underpin its valuation or moves.

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At long last, we may be seeing a real rebound.

Yea, they call them sucker's rallies.

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Where is the apocalyptic Chinese hard landing doomsday whatever pushing the entire world to hell we were talking about only weeks ago?

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I think what happened was that people were heavily leveraged for a big drop, but had to cover those positions quickly. If the rally can sustain itself for a little while,, then maybe we can call it a reversal.

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A full blown fear driven market, fear of lost on the way down, fear of missing out on the way up.

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Echoes of 1929.

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Up yesterday, but down today. Just like a yoyo.

Buy and hold sounds good, so long as you buy mostly overseas stocks and not so many Japanese ones.

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Down a lot today. Casino.

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