Nikon to end camera body production in Japan by end of year


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"The quality level of our products can be sustained even if they are made overseas," a company official said.

Too expensive just to open their factories in Japan.

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I will miss them. I grew up using their products. These days i use the Sony phone which are very good when it comes to making pictures.

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This is sad, no more "Made in Japan" Nikon Cameras, I guess it is an inevitable part of the popularity of camera phones.

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Smartphone cameras, while quite good nowadays, don't compete with interchangeable-lens cameras, which are selling more today than ever before.

They have, however, practically killed the point-and-shoot camera business, which was a huge part of Canon. Nikon, Sony, and Panasonic's camera business.

Nikon's biggest problem is its lack of a viable mirrorless system, which is popular with the general public due to weight and size. So, it is mostly relies on the pro market, which probably won't be enough to sustain it forever.

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"The quality level of our products can be sustained even if they are made overseas," a company official said.

Perhaps it would be useful to think about where the real problem lies and not just the consequence..

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Nikon is getting slaughtered in the marketplace by Sony.

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Won't be buying Nikon then.

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Whilst I'm sad to know that Nikon won't be made in Japan anymore, I think it will still be a great product. It is still designed by Japan so that precision and engineering is still there.

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Headline correction: "Nikon to end D6 body production in Japan by end of year".

Others have long been made in Thailand (And elsewhere? I don't know. Some lenses have been made in China). And they're awesome.

Love my Z6, loved my D750 before that, loved my D90 before that. All made in Thailand. I'll love my Thai-made Z6iii or whatever whenever I buy it.

Shame about the D6, but that's how it goes.

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Smartphone cameras have reached the point where they are good enough for casual photography, and this includes the post-processing software available on the phones. Besides, who wants to lug a heavy camera around with them all the time?

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I’ve been using Nikon DSLRs since 2007. My D90 (made in Thailand, released in 2008) is still so much better than the latest smartphone cameras. But when a mid-tier DSLR body costs in the region of ¥200,000 to ¥300,000, it’s understandable that the average person is going to be content with smartphone quality images.

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The smartphone cameras are nowhere near the dslr quality but Nikon's main problem is that it's unable to compete with Sony. Canon saved itself with EOS R5 and R6 but Nikon wasn't able to.

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Just lovely. The company was built on the backs of generations of loyal workers here. So they shut up shop to bleed more profits by cutting their costs in Thailand. Thanks Japan. We out of here, but buy our cameras still if you have a job.

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The problem here is not necessarily smartphones but more compact cameras like micro 4/3rds.

Even in the days of film, compact cameras were very good. Like Leica of course. With digital, its taken some time, but for many shutter speeds or focal lengths, you do not need a digital SLR any more. At the time of Nikons top selling digital SLRs, the D70, D80, full-frame D800 etc., D-SLRs were clearly better than smaller-sensor digital cameras. Recent compact cameras, which have great sensors and very good and possibly interchangeable glass, are really good now.

Nikon were previously hit badly by flooding in Thailand, so I wonder how they are handling this now.

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Can't afford a D6, my D750 is manufactured in Thailand anyhow.

Any plant closing down means a loss of jobs, hope the workers get a good exit package and hopefully good jobs.

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Sell the unprofitable business of cameras to the Chinese (Sanyo sold its applicance business to China), then Nikon should focus on the high-tech ventures.

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A sad end to an era.

Nikon went to the moon with Apollo 15. They were on Skylab. They were used on the Space Shuttles. Nikons are used on the International Space Station. Times are changing, but I will keep my Nikon.

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Nikon used to be the Gold standard for both Cameras and Lenses.

While studying photography as hobby, My equipment was all Nikon.

I still have them and there are still photographers willing to pay me good money for my equipment.

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If Nikon can maintain the quality of their product, then where they manufacture will not be an issue for me.

My only ask of Nikon is to enhance their mid-tier Mirrorless line up to at least on par with the competition and listen more to the feedback that their customers are giving. Right now, they are lagging behind. They also need to better their customer service / support across their customer base.

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