Nintendo net profit rockets 243.6% in first half

By Shingo ITO

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Not surprising considering all the people who have been vegging out at home during COVID!

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Look at that! A Japanese firm making some real profit for the first time since 1988!

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" A Japanese firm making some real profit for the first time since 1988!"

yeah right, Japanese companies have been making record profits.

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"yeah right, Japanese companies have been making record profits"

Yep. We all know about the "record profits" of Toshiba, Sharp, Nissan, and others.

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Profits could have been far higher than projected, they failed woefully to take advantage of the high demand for the switch and ramp up production.

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Awesome little console. The flexibility of portable and TV use is great.

However the digital licensing system still needs work. They really need to adopt the Apple family sharing model so you can share digital games across the household freely. Current model works JUST for two consoles, but not if you have three or more.

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Who would've thought? (heavy sarcasm)

When they were too busy creating false scarcity with their Amiibos, Switch and NES/FC mini, it created, in their minds, hype. But in reality just angered their long time supporters.

Fast forward to the SNES/SFC mini and actually keeping Switches and amiibos in stock regularly, then they start to sell. BIG time. COVID helped out of course.

But the point is Nintendo, stop wasting our time by creating imaginary product shortages and just give us the products you're trying to sell and everyone wins.

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It'll do wonders in school, social skills, ambition, etc. Wish Japan well.

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