Nintendo says CEO Satoru Iwata has died of cancer at 55


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Very sad.

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Sad to say Game over. RIP.

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I'm speechless......he put smiles in millions of players Thanks for everything rest in peace

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I'm shocked! I had no idea he was ill.

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Very sad indeed. 55 is far too young to go.

For anyone interested in learning more about the different potential risk factors for bile duct cancer, including the increased risk for people living (or eating) in Asia and Japan (see #4):

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He’s going to be missed.

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As Mario would say before he jumped into the void "Mama Mia!" Rest in Paradise Satoru Iwata you did great. You made my childhood fun with Pokemon games.

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Nintendo gave me a lot of smiles--and it taught me to strive. I am very sorry to hear about this.

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According to, the Japanese lifestyle of heavy drinking, the presence of Liver Fluke injections from raw fish, and the stigma of testing for STDs (in this case Hepatitis B/C) makes Bile Duct Cancer highly probable. At 55 years of age, Iwata would have been prime for this kind of thing.

Take care out there, everyone.

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Awful news. Mr. Iwata - thanks for the legacy of wonderful games that brought joy to millions of kids around the world. I grew up on Donkey Kong and Mario Bros. His life was dedicated to bringing happiness to kids the world over. R.I.P.

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I never knew you till this article, but for all the games and childhood memories, thank you Mr. Iwata. RIP.

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I didn't always agree with Mr. Iwata's opinion on what could best help maintain a strong relationship between gamers and Nintendo, but it doesn't change the fact that he has made quite the waves in the gaming industry and in the lives of many. He stayed true to what games were all about in a world surrounded by people and peers that sometimes seem to forget what gaming is about.

"Video games are meant to be just one thing. Fun. Fun for everyone."

As a gamer myself I forget that sometimes that very important thing. I am sure some here play and we should never forget that.

Thank you Mr. Iwata for being not just a CEO, a business man, or even a designer. Thank you for being one of us. A gamer.

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RIP Sweet Prince. He put smiles in my face for many years.

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This will be good for Nintendo Japan- its been its own worst enemy for years by being overly controlling of reviewers. So much for being for fun when they slapped copyright claims against fair use reviews. Hopefully they will stop the nonsense and encourage reviews that get their games out in the marketplace.

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Never played that machine, but was nice to read that he halved his salary. Unheard of in America.

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RIP, prayers with his family

People here need to stop acting shocked as if he was the one who created Nintendo and all of the games. He has only been working there for 15 years. Your childhood memories have nothing to do with him unless you are under 15.

-2 ( +1 / -3 )

Really Cloa513! Does your mind date to the YouTube era only, Iwata's legacy stretches far longer than that. Because of their YouTube policy you decide to be dickish about his passing.

There is always that cesspool of the gaming community they exists that think they have some kind of entitlement. Since when does copyright claiming stop you as a gamer having fun? Oh right! You're not as you are not playing the game and more interested in the YouTube personality. So there is no actual problem.

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R.I.P. He will be missed. Thank you for the many wonderful memories that filled my younger days.

Forever a Mario and Zelda fan.

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RIP, but I do somewhat agree with Cloa513. Nintendo really needed new leadership to compete in the new gaming world. The Wii was only profitable for Nintendo themselves and 3rd parties realized after the fact that the system was too underpowered and different to support any kind of game that they created for it. Now with the Wii U, Nintendo has gone down the same path and it's bitten them in the butt with pretty much zero third party support.

While I respect Iwata for what he brought Nintendo, he was really doing the company more harm than good as the President. I really hope whomever is chosen to succeed him puts the brakes on the new NX system (whatever it is) and create a console that is competitive on the hardware level as the PS4 and Xbox One, otherwise Nintendo is doomed to follow the same fate as Sega and become nothing more than a software publisher.

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Cancer really is the great leveler. :( I lost a cherished friend (Japanese, male and mid fifties) to this exact same cancer a few years ago. Gone way too young. RIP

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Helping found HAL Laboratory after university which soon after joined with Nintendo has nothing to do with Nintendo, makes sense.

I guess being director for the original Smash Bros means nothing and development of the first Pokemon Stadium had zero influence on gamers growing up.

Ever play Pokemon Gold and Silver? This was the game that put the Pokemon Company on the multi-billion dollar track they are now. This was also back when Game Freak was struggling to get the game to work properly. Had it been left to Game Freak alone the game would have been 50% of what we know it as today.

Guess who compressed the game so it could include both Johto AND Kanto and essentially double the adventure. Iwata.

You are right about one thing. He did not found NIntendo, but to suggest he had little to do with Nintendo's library or that he did not contribute to what Nintendo is egregiously ignorant.

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