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Nintendo shares plunge 16% on Pokemon Go warning


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I do not hate the game, but people should be polite about walking into people.

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Obviously, there are more people who hate this game than those who like it. Yeah, I'm a hater! So what!

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This is a shock to them, they just want to keep failing, it's easier

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Niantic was "spun-out" of Google last November but I've got to think that Google must own a majority stake in Niantic. Could not find any ownership information. More than anything Pokemon-Go is a U.S. Game but using the extremely well known Pokemon as its catchy character. This is another example of Nintendo just not getting with the times.... years ago they should have jumped on the cell phone bandwagon.... had they done so they might have come up with this themselves.

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nintendo simply doesn't want to overheat its stocks and have an unwanted buble economy

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Nintendo uses warning. It's super effective! Stock prices drop!

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They need some business advices. In the world or markets and exchange you can't make a caduc announcement on a growing trend.

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I think the game will peak when the 2nd gen of Pokemon and Real time PvP are implemented. If Niantic wants to continue riding this wave they need to start incorporating other ways of keeping users engaged in the game.

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The government need to chill, people will be sick of this game in a month.

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