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Nissan's Saikawa: 'Ghosn child' who ousted mentor

By Hiroshi Hiyama

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Former mentor, now the tables have turned...

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It never works this way at Japanese companies.

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We are witnessing a real-life modern-day ‘game of thrones’ here.

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Saikawa, please show us you’re better than your mentor was. The world, not only Japan, is looking.

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Good luck Saikawa-san in cleaning up the big mess left by Ghosn. I hope he can bring back glory for Nissan after these dark times. So many great products such as GTR and L.E.A.F.

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GTR - great car but highly overpriced.

LEAF - outdated technology sold as innovative, very little mileage between charges, and overpriced.

Saikawa had to have known about the discrepancies that were going on. I hope this turncoat gets investigated too.

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Did Saikawa say Ghosn was his mentor?

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How about getting someone who was born after 1953 to take the helm? I’m so sick of these dinosaurs.

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Saikawa should also go as he was complicit in the cover up. Given that Renault has 43% of the voting rights it should be up to them to decide who runs Nissan.

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It never works this way at Japanese companies.

Really? Last time I looked Nissan is still a Japanese company! It's not the first time someone got ousted, and it wont be the last, just this time it was very public, because it involved a "gwaijin".

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@ Belrick

The GTR is a bargain mate !

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More like mama boy of the old dinosaur era. What goes around comes around, your termination will eventually come Saikawa

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That is why a general rule, never trust your co-workers, nor groom them or priase them for anything, Ghosn should of hired an outsider, not a primitive slow dinosaur

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Even his aura, when looking at him, wreaks of a two faced person.

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"Ghosn-dependent Nissan makes a clean break," said a headline in the Asahi Shimbun after Saikawa's comments.

Ha! talk about biased... notice the share price tank double digits? clean brank to decline should be the headline.

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Saikawa is Japanese. The government implicitly is backing him. Right now he can do no wrong for the government. It’s a fight between Japan’s government and the French government. Saikawa is the point man. He knows all the inside secrets. Interesting. It’s becoming an international government vs government rather than a business or tax problem. In fact, Ghosn is a political prisoner.

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Not a surprise for me, what he did not understood is 1). Good Japanese people do not forgive very easily for betrayal, either to a Japanese person or a foreigner. 2). This person read & write Japanese and he was with Carlos for many years. 3). If he was Carlos ' child ', he is not a good negociator, He cannot even negociate with his father. I am very sorry for Nissan Inc and all good Japanese in Japan. This is very poor mind and big betrayal of Nissan & Japan. Destory a man of 64 years old who saved Nissan & the face of one Japan Inc. I urge all share-holders of Nissan beware of the future. Gouchi, that is poor manners even to good Japanese.

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