Nissan's profits plunge on COVID lockdown, chips crunch


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The brand image of Nissan, allied with Renault SA of France, has suffered after its star executive Carlos Ghosn was arrested in Japan on various financial misconduct charges in 2018.

Yeah no, he is not the reason I'll never even consider buying one of their cars. But I guess it's easier to point fingers and shift the blame than to admit that their very own actions lead to a big part to the image loss.

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Nissan really could have just axed Ghosn internally, without all the drama and damage to their brand image. Really stupid move on their part. Ghosn really didn’t make an income even equivalent to his American and European counterparts. He was also stupid and probably would have received a suspended sentence like Greg Kelly if he had played ball with the Japanese prosecutors.

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Because of the chips shortage, used cars in USA are just as expensive as brand new ones. Factories are full of new cars they can't get moving because they don't have the chips they need to get them working.

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Nissan has a history of making reliable cars but they don’t make a single car that I’d like to buy other than the Z , which is not practical.

Their cars are just “meh”.

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To each his own as I say.

Personally, I will NEVER buy another Nissan in my life

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“Nissan will probably go bankrupt within two to three years,” -. Carlos Ghosn, Jan 23, 2020.

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Nemo, the "Z" - so good the Russian military adopted the brand?

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Nemo, the "Z" - so good the Russian military adopted the brand?

Not bad, sir!

To the best of my knowledge, the Nissan version dies not blow the turret equivalent 200 feet into the air and simultaneously incinerate its occupants.

Nonetheless, not for me.

Were I in the market, I’d opt for a Mazda.

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