Nissan's quarterly profit falls amid computer chip crunch


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Blame this chip supply problem to Carlos Ghosn too?

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Nissan ? They’re still in business?

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You reap what you sow. Nissan is a byword for Japanese hostage taking.

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How long can you blame the computer chip crunch for all your troubles?

As long as their are not enough chips to make cares. BTW, they are still making money and increasing sales.

Nissan reported Wednesday that its profit was 17.4 billion yen in the July-September, down from 54 billion yen the same period a year earlier. Quarterly sales jumped to 2.5 trillion yen from 1.9 trillion yen a year ago.

I guess you others forgot to read that part of the article. 

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Nissan ? They’re still in business?

Yup, still in business and making tons of money with a Japanese as a CEO.

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This is because of Ghosn, too.

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I hope that Japanese executives won't be pissed when there will be no one bailing them out in the coming years. There might be Chinese or Southeast Asian willing to acquire a bankrupt Nissan or Mitsubishi Motors but these foreigners won't be as benevolent as the French were.

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there are also other makers than Nissan.

Toyota,Mitsubishi,Daihatsu,Mazda,Suzuki,Subaru-all of them are facing same problem.dont need to mention other foreign brands available in Japan.

Nissans problem lies somewhere else.jsut have a quick look at their line up and you make get hint...others have better and more attractive offers.

karma is for free and Nissan bosses now getting it back...Nissan is dead brand.

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The GTR remains an achievement we can credit to Ghosn. And remains a top class vehicle.

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I will NEVER buy a Nissan Product - they are an untrustworthy self-centered corrupt native focused bunch with Political ties to escape whatever problems they may face in future...


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