Nissan banks on new Rogue small SUV to begin U.S. comeback


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Honda CR-V EPA mileage appears to be a lie. Nobody is coming close to the published numbers.

My 225 HP car from 2001 gets almost as good mileage as this "Rogue" does. Seems in 20 yrs, MPG should be higher.

When I think of Nissan, I think of vehicles that have had their connections hacked over the internet.

These days, I have lots of technology and security questions before buying any vehicle. I want answers in writing or from manufacturer official documentation. There are just so many risks now that cars can be controlled from halfway around the world if a programmer makes any tiny mistake.

American's love our cup holders, especially in SUVs. Most soccer mommies have a 24-32oz water bottle (0.7L) they sip from all day dragging their kids from event to school to event.

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The brand is toxic, might be the best but like a skunk Nissan has a bad smell attached.

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Nissan CVT are notoriously unreliable. Just do a search. Seems they have done nothing to solve the problems.

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We get 13km/l real world out of a 2012 diesel CX-5. Its a similar size and has got about 180hp too. In Japan, diesel is cheap, so 13 off diesel is like getting 16 of regular gasoline, Honda Fit/Jazz territory for a 4wd/awd car.

In Japan, a "compact SUV" would be CX-3 or for Nissan, a Juke. A whole size smaller than the car in the article. While it may sound good to have "more headroom", it usually comes at the price of a worse driving experience, higher CoG, more roll, etc. Its easy to get lost in practicalities, especially if you have kids, but cars shouldn't take the fun out of driving.

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i would not consider nissan because the way they treated ghosn.

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Sorry Nissan, you lost me as a customer for life.

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I admit I know and care nothing of cars, but to me this just looks the same and as awful as the new Range Rover.

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I can't look at Nissan and not think about the kind of people running this company. My first car was a Nissan Sentra and I'll tell you, I'll never buy another Nissan because of these people.

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SUVs are bland, big cars. With families getting smaller all the time in the developed world, its a surprise that everyone wants big cars that seat 7 or 8.

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Very bad time to be launching a vehicle in the US, with 40 million jobless and nobody buying much of anything, particularly big-ticket items...

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Its a surprise that everyone wants big cars that seat 7 or 8.

The popularity of minivans like Serenas, Alphards etc. is a Japan thing. Many of these models are not sold overseas. Another Japan trend is that over the last 15 years, only cheap minivans are made as 8-seaters. The higher end ones are 7 seater with two in the middle row in business class-type "captain" seats. For most usage, these cars are four seaters with the posh middle row pushed back and reclined. Families buy them for the one time a year they go camping or skiing. If you go to a sports store, check out all the stuff you are supposed to take when you go camping. The clear philosophy is "more is better".

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By sticking with that underwhelming power plant and yet another CVT, Nissan is firmly cementing their market to non-performance seeking customers who just want an inoffensive transportation appliance, and little else. This car will likely do several things fairly well, but won’t excel in any particular area. For a lot of consumers, that will be enough.

Note that Toyota has targeted this market quite successfully for decades, and it can be very profitable. I can’t imagine too many people waking up in the morning and being excited to drive this car, though.

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This car no way to get Nissan back in black numbers.If no Nissan badge on it could easily make mistake with some chinese clones or some korean rivals/which you cant see for sale in Japan/.

Ugly.CVT unreliable.Pricing "not sharp".Well there are much better options on market.

As me no way will buy this car.No Nissan no thanks.

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WaddoToday  09:08 am JST

I admit I know and care nothing of cars, but to me this just looks the same and as awful as the new Range Rover.

You can't possibly compare that thing to a Range Rover, totally different class of vehicle altogether and, it looks nothing like a Range Rover.

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Its akin to the China Corona virus information release.

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