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Nissan board picks Renault's Senard; shareholders meeting set

By Yuri Kageyama

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Watch your back mate!

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I have a feeling that much will transpire between now and the Nissan shareholders' meeting in June!!

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The next fall guy.

1 ( +2 / -1 )


Senard is no fan of Ghosn.

He will launch a genuine investigation in France which will open up Pandora's Box .


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We shall but see in actions and results who is or was, the better Leader.

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I read all your comments.

And, everyone truly what Japan is and how they do business in their most traditional sense.

Look at the Nissan company value vs ranault's it does not take a rocket scientist to know Nissan was losing by taking a stinking deal from Renault.

Worse ghosn wanted to outsmart the descendants of Tokugawa...a truly dumb move

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Nissan also will seek shareholders' approval for the ouster of Greg Kelly, who was arrested with Ghosn 

Should it not be ousting ?

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This is the funniest story, I have heard in the Japanese world of business. Now, all the time wasted and hurt made to Carlos was more a 90,000,000 million yen salary problem. Granted it is a big deal to a normal salary man which we all are. But Nissan is a business, compared to America's biggest pay out to their Chairman , this is nothing. I think it is time, all tax payers in Japan start to get down to business with Nissan for making such a bad play. destorying a great man that helped Nissan get out of bankruptcy and saved thousands of workers at Nissan. Tax payers can sue for using our public money , waste of time and causing a bad reputation for Japan Inc and fair Japanese people. saikawa is the main person that must be sued, he started this bad kabuki. It was because of him that everything went to waste. He should be kicked out of Nissan to save Nissan.What a small selfish man.

-1 ( +3 / -4 )

Fan or not of Carlos is not a matter this is a matter of human lives. Monsieur Senard have to run a reliable ship, which Nissan is not at this moment. Everybody is watching him. A full court case will help his future management. That's all. Why do people put their emotion in cases of like or dislike ???.

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First thing to do at Nissan Japan, Monsieur Senard, it would be safe to change all the Japanese that is now on the board of Nissan Japan because not any good fair Japanese trust them. These people have wasted so much time & money & caused Japanese share holders big Shame.

-2 ( +2 / -4 )

You wanna be slick..

You want to take what is not yours..

Eventually it will catch up..

Madoff..ghosn and other..pseudo scam artists...

And you will pay the price..

Every criminal and their family cry when they get caught..

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