Nissan brings 'A to Z' lineup of new vehicles to Chicago Auto Show


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No thanks. Nissan is dead to me.

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Nissan is dead brand as same as Mitsubishi.

Poor image,boring design,unreliable and low end resale value.

No thanks.

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Maybe nowadays your arguments are right. In younger years I liked driving my Nissan. No problem, not even slightest oil loss, no complaints, nothing. It ran and ran unconquered. In fact, I want that car back, compared to all other crap that’s sold nowadays….lol

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@Matej you can also add Suzuki to that list of dead vehicles!!

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@Matej you can also add Suzuki to that list of dead vehicles!!

Suzuki has been posting double digit growth in auto sales. Their sport bikes are revered among many riders (they win a lot of races) as is their V-Strom dual sport bike.

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Great Jobs Nissan.

All we can blame on Mr. Ghoson who had done the wrong thing for the company as just doing for himself being rich.

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There's 3 that are virtually identical SUVs for the Americans to drool over /sarcasm. At least there's the Z there to offset them.

Anyone who thinks Nissan is 'dead' has absolutely no idea about the auto industry.

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Shame Nissan doesn't sell the Patrol in North America.

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Will never ever buy another Nissan. After what they did to Ghosn.

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