Nissan CEO calls his Y988 mil annual salary average


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$10M USD is not much at all for a CEO by today's standards. A lot of less competent CEO's make 10 times that.

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It is probably average for the bloated salaries of automobile executives and executives of large companies in general. However it is excessive and part of the problem with the economies in most countries today--too much money funnelled into too few hands.

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Me. Ghosn took a company that was less than 60 days from bankruptcy, a company that every other auto manufacturer had taken a pass on, a company with outdated cars and alienated laborers, and turned it around and made it run.

Nissan now makes good-great cars. It's a leader in green tech. Best of all everybody made money- owners and employees alike. He is worth every yen.

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Let's put this in perspective. Nissan was the most profitable Japanese automaker in 2012, but had the slowest profit growth in 2013, mostly due to Nissan's gamble in China that hasn't yet paid off.

Ghosn did turn the company around, and he should get credit for that. But surely his salary should also reflect the financial state of the company he runs, and this past year hasn't been so good. It seems as thought the board of directors are saying "Well we can't blame him for natural disasters and the boycott in China, so lets give him a raise to keep him happy".

Just curious, but does he also get a separate salary from Renault? I read in the news that the French government is actually complaining that his salary is too high.

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Most importantly, he made the GTR a GTR again!

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A great leader and a very savvy operator, nissan were fortunate he walked into their offices back in the ealry days to save the company.

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Can this be average when Toyota's CEO made only 184 million yen for the past fiscal year?

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Ghosn: Hey you, engineer guy.. make a better car for Nissan!! J-Engineer: Yes sir, it is done Ghosn: I can't believe they're paying me 10mil USD for this job!!

I certainly think we give all CEOs way too much credit... unless he is actually getting his hands dirty

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I think he's a bargain for Nissan considering his performance and potential for growth of Nissan. But there are many angles one can take on this. According to a CNN article from 2011, major automotive companies worldwide paid their CEOs an average of US$17mil, and major industrial companies US$16mil. (

In Japan, Toyota's Akio Toyoda earns about one-tenth of Ghosn's pay, and Honda's CEO is along the same lines as Toyota. However, in Japan, these CEO's (and other Execs) receive perks such as cars, houses, and club memberships, not to mention, most CEO's in Japan won't be fired for not performing well, whereas other global companies won't hesitate to let a CEO go if he/she weren't producing the results they are expected to. And you can bet your life that someone like Akio Toyoda with his blood ties to the company, would never be terminated from Toyota unless he commited a capital crime.

Papasmurf: In 2011, Reneault paid Ghosn $3.7mil to his $12.5mil from Nissan.

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Agree he made the GTR and that is worth something. But Nissanhas been doing pretty poorly otherwise so maybe he should have taken a cut and not a raise?

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Tim Cook of Apple received $320,000,000 during his first year as CEO...

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Sorry, I see more Toyota out on the streets and I drive daily. Particular Prius driven by xyz drivers. Renault and Nissan can't be that healthy, not in Japan.

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Nissan can't be that healthy, not in Japan.

They can be if their sales are in line with their overall costs. More or fewer cars on the streets does not necessarily translate to success or failure in a market economy. Apple computers are a prime example of this. They represent but a fraction of worldwide PC sales, but the company is still quite profitable and successful (and no, not just because of the iPhone/IPod/iPad).

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I'm glad that a cheaper yen can help him get a bigger salary and live a better life while the regular people in this country suffer.

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He earns more in a month than 90% of the population will earn in a lifetime.

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@papasmurfinjapan well hes doing a great job for Nissan and since his salary is actually low by global standards if you cut his salary hell probably leave and go where theres better money. talent doesnt come cheap

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wish i were Mr. Ghosn.

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talent doesnt come cheap

Compared to non-Japanese auto-makers, I have to agree with you, but it still seems kind of strange that this past fiscal year Nissan performed poorly, yet he still gets a raise. I wonder how many others at Nissan got a substantial pay rise this year??

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@Mirai Hayashi

$10M USD is not much at all for a CEO by today's standards. A lot of less competent CEO's make 10 times that.

Name three CEOs that have made more than $100MM in 2012.

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I have just called up his bank and got an ATM card from his bank account. I wonder how long a family of three could live off his income before he would even notice the money going missing...

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He gets what he deserves -not a penny less not a penny more.

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@Spainmathewl There are more than 3 CEOs who made more than $100MM in USA, such as Apple CEO, However I am going to write our local CEO who made more than $10m. Steve Wynn, $17,743m........... Gary Loveman $12,8m , Sheldon Adelson $10.68m/ and a couple more. They are not in tech industry. Check CEOs in tech industries beside auto industries in USA. There are 50 states in USA. Check Google, Facebook, and other climbing companies. You will find $10mm salaries are small in USA.Many hired executives make that kind of salaries in USA.


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