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Nissan declines talks with union after Mississippi rally


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But many Nissan employees say they don’t want a union, and the company says it’s the UAW that’s unfairly pressuring the company.

So the UAW want to impose a union on workers who don't want one? That's fair - not!

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UAW, responsible for the destruction of Detroit and the three US manufactures now tries to take on Nissan? I'm all for responsible unions, but UAW is really far from being one, and it closely resembles a Mafia actually...

7 ( +10 / -3 )

But many Nissan employees say they don’t want a union

What percentage, though. 10% of a large plant is still many employees.

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Keep the mafioso UAW out.

3 ( +8 / -5 )

Unions aren't perfect, but the alternative is usually even worse. Much worse.

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Americans should demand unions not only from foreign companies, but from their own local American brands which don't believe or support the formation of unions!

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Certainly seems more reasonable for an unsatisfied worker to go find a job somewhere else.

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With all of the government-backed laws both Federal and State protecting workers why would anyone need a union?

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All US branches of Japanese automakers are not unionized in USA. Nyssa n has plats in Tennessee. Automakers like to modernize factoooooriesvusing push button using movers. Robots carrying heavy parts. Union wantsany labors need laborerwhoo contribute membership dues and pension fund, So big three moved to China. Only Nissan Canton is left to. Be unionized.

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What percentage, though. 10% of a large plant is still many employees.

Well if the union can get more than 50% to sign cards then they can force a vote. Since this hasn't happened it would seem that more than 50% don't want the union.

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Nissan might move to Tennessee. Moving to Mexico is a bad idea now

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They are targeting Nissan while the real need for unionization is the food manufacturing industry. Meat and poultry could really use unionized labor to cut down on the massive injuries in those areas.

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Nissan and other Japanese automakers are aware the largest comer Mitsubishi auto in Illinois welcomed UAW and bankrupted to get out auto manufacturing business. Nissan does not want to follow such fate.

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"UAW, responsible for the destruction of Detroit"

While the engineers and upper management offered models like the Pacer and the exploding Pinto to take on the Germans and Japanese. And then cut capital investment in the face of slow sales of gas-guzzling, pathetically engineered models. Damn those assembly line workers!

Ever since Americans moved away from unions, real wages have stagnated or fallen, corporate profits soared and rich become super-duper rich -- and the US economy slowed down.

American workers need to support unions. How obvious is that?

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Big three from Detroit were rescued from Government. They are happily operating in China without UAW now with modernized production systems. Workers don't mind they are called computerized machine technitian instead of laborers.

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Thanks god for Sen Bernie Sanders doesn't become President of United State. If he was becoming President and then perhaps, he will be nationalized all manufactures and banks as well as shut down Wall Street. NISSAN had lost almost a billion in Australia because of Union and poor management. If Nissan said it will shut down plant in Canton and then the workers will against Unionists. Most of workers don't care about Union and they don't want to pay Union member fee either. The Union kill the manufacture sector in develop countries. So they went to invest in country like China and Vietnam.

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(Frame this)

Well said, @JeffLee!

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Kind hard to keep Nissan in Mississippi. All big Japanese corporations have paranoia on people who claim they're socialist. Nissan has been happy with Tennessee peoples.

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