Nissan net profit plunges 87% for 9 months to December

By Behrouz MEHRI

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 as it struggles with weak demand and fallout from the arrest of former boss Carlos Ghosn.

There they go blaming Ghosn for all their woes (again). Personally, I think they only have themselves to blame. The underhanded corporate coup of Ghosn. The treatment he received by the Japanese injustice system. Letting that criminal Sakaiwa get off free by plea bargaining to point the finger at Ghosn. These have all danaged the image and reputation of Nissan, all of which were brought on by themselves.The fact is, Ghosn should never have been arrested. His mismanagement of funds should have been dealt with internally by Nissan. But, they went ahead with the 'Get the gaijin' scenario and screwed themselves in the process. Congratulations Nissan!

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Hey Nissan, its getting increasingly difficult to keep blaming Carlos for your dismal performance after 15 months isn,t it? .The backstabbers in the J-management ranks seem to be clueless about what they are supposedly getting paid for , know running the company. Well done, hows that blue chip pinnacle of J-Inc that needs to be kept from foreign hands going now?

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And the slide into mediocrity accelerates! The overseas talent will flee / avoid Nissan and the J management will muddle around, unsure what to do and obsessed with trying to "destroy" Ghosn.

The value of Renault's stake will sink like a rock.... which could make things interesting.

But, within 5 years, Nissan will likely be on the verge of bankruptcy.

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Time to stop blaming Carlos. He has been out of the picture for almost two years. How many more years will he be blamed for the continued decrease?

if he was so bad and distrusted, why aren’t stocks and sales going up after his departure. Usually people would invest more in a company that has removed a bad apple. I sure would.

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Nissan shares plunged 1.54 percent to 568.5 yen ahead of the third-quarter earnings report.

What hyperbole! This is a blip. Nissan stock may get so cheap that Renault can buy the whole company.

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You brought this upon yourself Nissan. What could've been an internal issue with Ghosn, should've been resolved within. As a customer, how can I trust that you can take care of me, when you cant take care of yourself?

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Fist it was Ghosn now it’s COVID-19. Where’s Saikawa’s name? Someone’s protecting him, and the media is conspiring with them.

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At this rate I think Nissan will go bankrupt before they get anywhere near clawing back what Ghosn supposedly owes them...

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Maybe it's time to put the whole Ghosn thing behind them. Top management aside, there are good working people with families who are worried about their jobs! This relentless pursuit of Ghosn will be the downfall of the company

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They've cancelled the dividend. Renault won't be happy about that.

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nissan must understand that it is nissan themselves that had made this bad publicity. WHO IS GOING TO purchase the product of a company that have no intergrity ???. What had corona virius to do with selling car ???. See, always some kind of excuses.

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I remember when Ghosn started with NISSAN and the company was near bankruptcy. The company exhibited the same tendencies as now: blaming everything and everyone. Ghosn would had none of that and disciplined his meetings to stop the blaming and focus purely on the numeasurements. NISSAN has run away the very solution to it’s problem. Now, NISSAN is back to it bad habits and blame game. But this time it won’t be saved.

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They wheeled out 3 Indian accountants during the conference, who tried to talk about cash flow, how a big push in 4Q would solve their problems, and how one of them would go to the US auto show and promote Nissan personally! No talk of any concrete strategy, plans or anything that would convince people that they were doing something right. Circling the drain...

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Nissan has a Management issue. If the share price keeps dropping, then they may end up being bought out by Renault.

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