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Nissan ending production of Datsun brand vehicles


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Instead of the uninspiring Datsun redi-GO, Datsun should have revived a sportier version of the 510 in a nod to those who tricked them out. Just a spoiler makes them look cool. Redi-go? Pffft. No wonder Datsun is gone again.

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My first car was a 1963 Bluebird. (retired taxi) Memories from KyuDai days, a lifetime ago.

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@Thomas R Mountcastle Yeah, the '63 Bluebird sure was cute. Classic for sure. But I was thinking more of the '68-'73 510 Bluebird which was boxier. Something sad happened in the 80's and the Bluebird turned into a grandpa car.


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The 59 Datsun Figuro hard top convertible is my favorite Datsun.

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The Datsun F10 wagon was my second car, bought used and used it for everything until I ran it into the ground keeping it for fishing and camping long after buying a new car.

It's front wheel drive made for a fairly large cargo space, it would blow through the snow without the slightest problem in winter.

Generally considered ugly but it was a nice little car.

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Had a Datsun 510 4 door - called a 1600 in Australia and it was unbreakable.

In the 70s ~ 80s they were a young persons 2nd hand cool car and lots were "done up".

Mine had twin carbs, extractors, alloy wheels..etc

Had a 25 year old 1967 Toyota Corona for a few years and it was the equal of the Datsun.

Just great engineering / build for the era.

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Dat sun has set.

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I thought they did that back when Duran Duran was on the charts.

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The 120Y. Car of choice for Australian uni students in the early 90s, complete with stylish pie-dish hubcaps.

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My first car in 1991 was a fourth or fifth-hand 1982 Datsun B210. Had 200,000 miles on it before it gave up the ghost on me in college. Very simple engine and car that was great for learn basic maintenance (have to have a look for my Chilton Manual). Drove it from Atlanta to New Orleans, Daytona, Myrtle Beach, etc. without a hitch. Brother had a Datsun pickup that made it close to 300K before it fell apart. Simple, cheap, but reliable as hell.

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MY 1984 300ZX Turbo said "Nissan" on it. I remember a friend's 1973 240Z had "Datsun" on it. Had no idea that brand name was still in use somewhere. Wow...

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