Nissan faces battery plant cuts as electric car hopes fade


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@John Galt - did you ever try out the Hello Kitty scooter horn while you had the Leaf? can hear them on is so embarrassing most owners disconnect or change them.

@tyvtgo - The story explains why changing out battery packs wont work at gas stations. They are incompatible. The Japanese are far behind the Koreans on battery tech using old chemistry, just like they are behind on smartphones, TVs, Fridges, Washing Machines, everything. The Koreans are using newer better chemistry, how would you insert that into a Leaf that uses old weak battery chemistry? And by the time every station got the newer better Korean batteries along would come a much better improvement from them a year later. What then? Throw out all the old batteries and buy new ones> the whole system wont work.

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It is a shame that there is not a national or international standard set for the battery, so that instead of waiting for a charge, you just pull into a service station , they drop the depleted one out and replace it with a fully charged one!!!!!!!!!!! Would be like stopping to get a fill-up with gasoline, no large amount of time waiting for charges! All these batteries are under the body of the car anyways so why not make it a standard where one fits all and then the Electric car market would boom!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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I rented a Leaf just to give one a try. What an epic fail! I spent more time at charging stations than at my destination(Nikko) and wasted more than double the time it would have taken to just drive there is a gas powered car.

My conclusion is that they are useful only for short, in town drives and if you don't mind not using any heating or air conditioning while driving. Pass!

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I figured that power-cells were the future over electric vehicles. Having to recharge your car every 40 miles just isn't practical.

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