Nissan faces safety fine in Mississippi as union rally looms


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Feel the Bern... Remember when Hillary tried to portray him as anti-black? I do not see her here speaking for equal rights. Wonder why she lost? hmmm

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I think Nissan will close Canton and move its operation to its other factories in other area. Al Japanese automakers are not unionized in USA. The late comer Mitsubishi opened factories in Illinois, welcomed UAW, then bankrupted. It returned later and quietly opened factory in Calf. UAW oppose modernization of factories. Robotics and machines do not pay membership fees. The richest Union is Teamster.

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If they dont want to pay fair wages, create a safe workplace, or work with a union, they shouldnt be able to sell their cars in that state.

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Feel the Bern...

They won't feel anything if they move the plant to Mexico, which is what will certainly happen to any future plants should the Mississippi plant be unionized. Those which remain in America will become automated that much more quickly, and robots don't join unions.

Nissan is one the highest paying employers in the state, and Mississippi, as the poorest state in America, is happy to have them there. But if the plant is unionized, there will never again be a new plant built in Mississippi.

Anyone wonder why GM had to be bailed out by the federal government (at a cost to the taxpayers of more than $11 billion)? Mainly because of the legacy costs of union workers, which add significantly to the cost of each new car made, making the price higher than what the public will pay.

The UAW (United Auto Workers Union) is the world's largest consumer of Viagra.

All labor has a natural cost, and when the cost is raised above the natural value, then the retail cost is raised above the natural market value of finished goods. When this happens, demand and consumption decrease, and any increase in wages or retail prices is negated by a long term loss of equal or greater value. One need only look at Detroit as an example. The workers of the 50's through the 70's were highly paid, but their pay came at the cost of future generations of workers, and Detroit is now a ghost town for manufacturing.

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potential $29,000 fine

$29,000? SHAME! That is ridiculous. I own my own engineering company and if an employee of mine were to lose 3 fingers due to my Director of Training's negligence, I would thank my lucky stars for that low of a fine. That employee deserves all that will come to him/her in another law suit and I hope he/she does. On my own, I would help my employee more.

Nissan needs to be heavily fined for not looking for the safety of their employees. This employee is just text on a website but realize this person probably has mouths to feed.

In most cases and thankfully in mine, treating your employees well and fairly will get more production, better quality, and priceless value of loyalty.

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To fight against, Japanese companies in USA, bring some politicians w don't say h is socialist. Socialism has been equated as Marxism and Soviet style communism in Japanese mind.

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The late comer Mitsubishi opened factories in Illinois, welcomed UAW, then bankrupted. It returned later and quietly opened factory in Calf.

-When Mitsubishi Motors closed their factory in Normal, IL that was the end of USA manufacturing and assembly of Mitsubishi cars/trucks (OutLander Sport). =Mitsubishi Motors has no factory in the USA including the State of California.

GM UAW workers received up to $12,000 each for profit sharing paid 2017.

Manufacturing around Detroit is very good. It is the much smaller city of Detroit that has problems and the whole State of Michigan that is in debt due to poor decisions by politicians. The city of Flint is probably in the worst condition due to the water crisis and poor economic tone -and you have that overweight Lib Michael Moore turning his back to his city of Flint and instead attacking Donald Trump.

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Nissan should pay a lot more for the workers who lost three fingers. Many cities in northern micigan, everyone was GM workers. Flushing Mich. etc.

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