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Nissan trims annual net loss

By Shingo ITO

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Japan lent Nissan $1bn cash last September, $2bn last November, and another $2.1bn on March.

We are trashing our tax money into this colosal failure.

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Ahh, it is all Ghosn fault, oh no, the pandemic, wait.. the chips shortage..

the Japanese public is so lucky Nissan has this excellent management, original looking models and great marketing.

See ! We only loose 4 billion USD.

We cut our losses because we close markets, cut staff, produce less and sell ever less cars. Clever right ?

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I just bought a Nissan. It looks great! However the motor seems a bit noisy and the frame a bit wobbly when it goes fast. But a great car!

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I wonder how much Ashwani Gupta is in control of things.

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Japan lent Nissan $1bn cash last September, $2bn last November, and another $2.1bn on March.

We are trashing our tax money into this colosal failure.

absolutely! and the gov will never let them go under- not after the Ghosn Fiasco.

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As you can see there is no Nissan,no single model in TOP NINE.

How about in other countries? The link below shows the Nissan Qashqai as the 3rd top selling model in the UK in 2021 (I'm assuming up till April based on the article's date.).


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Nissan's recovery has been slower than that of its rivals, as the firm struggled with growing sales costs and the ongoing saga surrounding its former chief Ghosn.

This paragraph would suggest that Nissan's problem of slow growth is, amongst other things, connected to the Ghosn saga. No, it is all thanks to Japan's so-called justice ministry.

In fact, I think that the blame for most of Japan's woes lies at Kasumgaseki.

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