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Nissan HQ opens a daycare facility to help increase female managers up to 10%.


Nissan Motor Co Ltd (Yokohama City, Kanagawa) announced that it has opened a daycare facility in its head office to promote reinstatement of employees after childbirth by creating an environment where they can work and not have to worry about childrearing at the same time.

Nissan has set a goal to increase to 10% (currently 6.7% ) the ratio of female managers in its Medium-Term Management Plan by 2016 and is committed to a female employee-friendly environment. In 2004, Nissan established guidelines to distribute 50% of newly hired female graduates for office work, and 15% for IT. Those who were hired in 2004 are now at the age of marriage and childbirth; thus there was a need to strengthen the supportive work environment for women.

How the establishment of a child care service will affect the work performance of female employees and how it will lead to Nissan’s goal to increase the ratio of female managers will be the center of attention.

Source: Nihon Keizai Shimbun

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I wonder if there's a decent business opportunity in Japan as independent provider of daycare staff/support services to corporate customers. You could even hire eki-mae eikaiwa-type foreigners to come in for English Playtime.

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Nice step! Welcome to the 1980's.

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YES and now keep the ball rolling. Hear that Japan Nd Japanese companies. Third kind of day care us good for workers therefore good for the company.

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Corporate Japan is way behind other economies in providing child care for their employees. If you want to keep trained workers, you can do it less cost-wise by providing child and ancillary care than hiring and training new employees every time a veteran leaves the work place.

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In contrast Daimler plans for 35 percent women in management positions by 2020. Now that's a goal.]

Give them a break, these are the baby steps for an infantile society

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In contrast Daimler plans for 35 percent women in management positions by 2020. Now that's a goal.

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