Nissan invests $170 mil to upgrade U.S. plants for sedan production


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The naming of the same or similar car models across different countries is confusing. But I think the article may be correct if not completely clear (or perhaps the content has changed since you posted). My understanding is that since 2013, the Teana sold in Japan is basically the same as Altima sold in the USA. Before 2013, the Teana was the series that had replaced the Bluebird in Japan. The Altima also replaced the Bluebird but was developed originally for the USA.

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Meanwhile, Ford is discontinuing production of sedans, except for the Mustang and the Focus. The Focus is not made in the US.

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JT Editors: I know this is a Kyodo article, but just FYI, this article is factually incorrect.

The Altima was NOT initially sold in Japan as the "Teana". It was sold as the "Bluebird".

I know. I worked at Nissan at the time the Bluebird/Altima was being developed.

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I thought sedan sales were plummeting?

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