Nissan says it kept using uncertified staff after revealing misconduct


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Some companies (and CEOs) are really their own worst enemy. Companies in Japan bombard their employees with "compliance" notices and emails and then behind the scenes they get told to do something else altogether.

At my company we are shown actual examples (from our company) of previous deliberate willful misconduct involving QA checks but instead of being fired the employees responsible were demoted one grade or took a pay cut for 2 months. I really wanted to laugh but the whole situation is just sad because it's really no example at all.

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Probably because they figured it was cheaper to pay the fines as opposed to stopping production.

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I can guarantee that they didn't want to pay certified safety qualified personnel because if the costs to make their numbers look better.

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Just business as usual then.

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Did I miss something? Is there a competition to see which company can outdo all others in corporate scandal that started a couple of decades ago and is peaking (or so it seems all the time) this month? Nissan doesn't want to be outdone by Kobe Steel or Toshiba, I guess.

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